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The new style of male salons is more drinks, plasma screens and Playstations than pink towels and essence of petunia. Try it, you might like it
Spa for men
Spa for men

A few years ago the closest the average groom had generally come to a spa treatment was when his doctor advocated a massage following a back or shoulder strain. These days though, guys are starting to see the point of full body massages, facials and even pedicures and manicures.

A new breed of men's salons is encouraging this change by tempting its customers in off the street with high quality brandies, sports on TV and state of the art entertainment systems. Spa's such as Gentlemen's Tonic (020 7297 4343, in London offers tasting sessions with uber-posh cognac brand Hennessy, which you can enjoy after your professional wet shave or skin-improving massage. Pankhurst (020 7290 8636) at Alfred Dunhill in London's Jermyn Street has old-style barber-shop chairs from which you can watch your own TV while you have your treatment, before retiring to the humidor room to enjoy a drink and a cigar.

And what better excuse than your wedding day do you need to indulge yourself a little and try something new? Book yourself in for a proper shave on the morning of the wedding and not only will it make you skin look great and reduce the risk of any five o'clock shadow it's a deeply relaxing experience that should help to calm any pre-wedding nerves. Add an Indian head massage into the equation and you might start to see what your girlfriend's been talking about all this time

Other great men's spas include:
The Refinery, London (

Jason Shankey Male Grooming, Belfast and London (

Dandy Brown's, Leeds (
Geo F Trumpers, London (

Photo The Refinery 


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