How to choose a wedding fragrance

Find a special signature scent to remind you of your wedding day
Choosing a wedding fragrance
Choosing a wedding fragrance

"Fragrance is one of the last things that people think of when it comes to their wedding day," says perfumer Roja Dove. "They immediately plan the flowers and the dresses, the music, food, hairdresser and even the make-up, yet fragrance is about our associations and memories and one of the most important aspects of the day."

Fragrance has the ability to revive magical moments with startling clarity and emotion. "Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses, evoking memories, thoughts and feelings that linger in our minds for years," says perfumer Jo Malone. "Scent your wedding with a fragrance you love so that when you smell this scent in the future, it will bring back memories more clearly than any photograph."

Choosing a scent says more about you than anything else, as it is a glimpse of your true personality, so the decision shouldn't be rushed. "Never go shopping with a friend," says Roja Dove. "And leave your mother at home too. Fragrance is so personal, friends and family may well try to force their own tastes on you." And never go shopping for perfume while wearing one - it's far too conflicting.

Shopping tips when choosing a fragrance

  • Don't judge a scent in the bottle. You will only smell the transient top notes and the alcohol it is diluted in rather than how it will smell on your skin. Think of your skin as the final essential ingredient in a fragrance.

  • Spray the tester then walk away for an hour. You may love the top notes but it is the base that determines the final aroma on your skin and this takes about an hour to develop.

  • Avoid smelling too many scents at once. Stick to just three or four at a time and if your sense of smell is getting confused, try wafting coffee beans under your nose to cleanse and refresh it.


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