Mother-of-the-bride beauty tips

Your countdown to beautiful skin
Mother of the bride beauty
Mother of the bride beauty

As mother-of-the-bride you’ll want your skin to look fabulous and smooth for your daughter’s big day. While clever skin creams will help, this is a great opportunity to treat your skin to some serious pampering in the months leading up to the wedding.

Three months to go Start a new all-singing all-dancing skincare regime. Changing brands occasionally is good for your skin and what better excuse than a wedding? Start treating yourself to monthly facials to get your skin in perfect condition.

Two months to go Replenish moisture in your skin with a weekly mask to combat dehydrating devils such as air conditioning, central heating and dry weather. Don’t expect your skin to transform immediately. Most creams only start to show results after three to four weeks.

One month to go Keep your lips moist and smooth by using a daily lip balm under your lipstick. Remember, there will be a lot of cheeks to kiss on the big day and you don’t want dry lips.

Two weeks to go Use a serum under a night-care cream, either two to three times a week or as an intense two-week treatment.

One week to go Are late-night phone calls from your daughter and sleepless nights giving you puffy eyes? Start using an anti-inflammatory eye gel or serum.

One day to go A facial the day before will give you a real beauty boost and relax any last-minute nerves.

The Big day… Use an instant lift radiance under your make-up to fill tiny lines and brighten the complexion and - voila! - a beautiful, youthful mother of the bride.


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