Spa treats for stress-free weddings

Taking time out to relax is all very well, but choosing the perfect spa treatment can be tricky if you don't know your aromatherapy from your shiatsu
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If wedding planning is shooting your stress levels into orbit and you're feeling about at relaxed as a coiled spring, save your sanity with a soothing spa treatment. With a multitude of choices offering to relax and revitalise you, choosing the right one can be as confusing as choosing a wedding venue. Whether you want to target a specific problem or simply relax, there's sure to be a treatment to suit you...

An 8000 year-old healing art that gets its name from the benefits derived from the aroma of plant, fruit and herbal essential oils. The oils are very potent and influence both the body and the emotions.

Body wrap
This is pretty self-explanatory - you're covered in mud, seaweed or clay and then wrapped in film to sweat out impurities.

Steam is sometimes used to open up pores before the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and massaged. A neck and shoulder massage is usually included.

You lie in a bath while jets of water are directed at pressure points around the body to stimulate and detoxify.

Your engagement ring deserves well-kept hands to show it off. Nails are filed, cuticles are pushed back and polish is applied. Some manicures include a hand massage.

Lymphatic drainage
A firm massage that stimulates the lymphatic system - the body's own waste-disposal system - and helps the body detox.

A treat for your feet. Feet and lower legs are massaged and exfoliated and hard skin is sloughed away. Cuticles are pushed back, nails filed and polish applied.

A diagnostic therapy that can identify current and future health problems plus includes a foot massage.

A dry air (sauna) or hot steam treatment that both use heat to warm muscles and increase circulation.

Shiatsu massage
Ancient Japanese pressure-point therapy using the hands, fingers and elbows.

Swedish massage
A firm combination of stroking, rubbing, kneading and pummelling muscles and joints.

Thai massage
Similar to shiatsu, using the palm of the hand and the therapist's body weight to iron out any kinks in the body.

Uses seawater and marine extracts to flush out toxins and fight fatigue.

Photo Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Mauritius


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