Test: How to choose a perfume based on what chocolate you like

Try this fun test to find out your fragrance personality based on what your favourite chocolate is.
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Choosing the perfect perfume for you can be a bit of a minefield, but we've found a method that will make the whole process much more enjoyable: chocolate!

Lindt's Master Chocolatier Urs Liechti and fragrance expert Azzi Glasser have teamed up to create this test to determine your fragrance personality based on what chocolate you love…

1. You like: Chocolate with a floral flavour

Your fragrance personality: You prefer traditional floral and feminine fragrances in the Hesperidic Facet with fresh citrus notes of blood orange, tangerine and bergamot.

2. You like: Chocolate with fruit

You fragrance personality: Zesty and uplifting, fans of the Fruity Facet prefer a light and fruity signature scent particularly with notes of blackcurrant bud and mango.


3. You like: Chocolate with green flavours like mint

Your fragrance personality: You choose reassuringly green and natural notes in the Mint Facet with lighter, refreshing and aromatic scents such as peppermint, wintergreen and eucalyptus. Ginger is a nice addition for extra freshness.

4. You like: Chocolate with earthy flavours (i.e., minimum 85% dark cocoa)

Your fragrance personality: You prefer the Moss Facet, the most natural tones with deep woody fragrance notes and patchouli and cedar moss. These mix beautifully with chocolate notes.

5. You like: Chocolate with nutty flavours

Your fragrance personality: You enjoy rich, luxurious and nutty tones with a velvet density supported with sweeter vanilla notes. You fall into the Powdery Facet.


6. You like: Chocolate with spicy flavours like chilli

Your fragrance personality: You select sensual notes of cinnamon and nutmeg but do't shy away from vibrant notes of chilli, liquorice and black pepper from the Hot Spicy Facet. This mixes well with woody aromas so consider Earthy chocolate flavours too.

7. You like: Chocolate with caramel

Your fragrance personality: You enjoy sweet, sensual fragrance notes with coffee, chocolate and vanilla, falling into the Gourmand Facet.

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