The best professional wedding spray tans

Our bride-to-be testers want the just-been-on-hen-in-St-Barts look, so we sent each of them to try a different luxury spray tan. Will the results be tan-tastic?


What Milk Home Spray Tan

Where? Your house!

How much? £30

It’s not every day you strip off in your office meeting room, but there I was wearing only a paper thong (blinds drawn, of course). When the therapist from Milk arrived, she assembled the pop-up tanning booth in seconds and, along with iPad questionnaire, it couldn’t have been easier.

I stepped out of the booth a shade that’s difficult to fake – a healthy-looking brown that looks like I had been backpacking all summer. The Vita Liberata formula was so nourishing, visibly improving the condition of my dry skin.

The shade turned quite a lot lighter in the shower, so don’t be afraid to go darker than you would normally. It fades evenly so is an ideal wedding-to-honeymoon tan. And there’s a Tan for Two package for £50 so and you and your h2b can match!   


What Sienna X Spray Tan

Where? Away Spa at W London (; for salons nationwide) 

How much? From £40 with James Harknett

My worst fear about having a spray tan is ending up streaky, too obviously brown, or worse, orange! James Harknett is one of the best in the biz and, on meeting him, I felt totally in the right hands and very comfortable with the whole clothes-off situation.

He advised me to go for the Sienna X tan in the lightest shade to complement my fair complexion and blonde hair. With eight different shades on offer, there’s one to suit every skintone. The tan glided onto my skin so easily and, after 10 minutes of poses in paper pants, I was glowing with a gorgeous, even golden colour.

With a bit of obsessive moisturising, the tan lasted about six days, gradually fading away. James explained that he chooses a tan shade to match your wedding dress, so I’ll definitely be returning to the spa just before my big day.


What Mystic HD Spray Tan Booth

Where? Heidi Klein (020 7243 5665)

How much? £27.50

With a fair bit of wedding weight still to shed, standing stark naked in front of a complete stranger, cellulite and all, is not my idea of a fun time. However, I do like to be (fake) tanned, so a booth sounded like the perfect solution.

With that episode of Friends firmly in the forefront of my mind, I arrived at Heidi Klein’s London boutique to be told that this booth is the same one used in... Friends. Still, after a thorough consultation, where I got to select from three scents and four levels of colour, I stepped into the booth.

Following the instructions was a cinch and, within two minutes, I was back in my maxi dress, although a little sticky. Over the next few hours, the tan developed into a really flattering natural bronze shade and stayed that way for five days.


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