Six Wedding Guests Turned up in the same Dress - and they weren’t Bridesmaids

We can’t help but laugh at this coincidence

If you’re anything like us, you’ll spend weeks or even months shopping around before finding the perfect wedding guest dress, and it’s many people’s worst nightmare to turn up to an event and find someone wearing the same. 

Unfortunately, this exact thing happened to SIX women at a wedding in Australia recently.

Image | Deborah Speranza
Image | Deborah Speranza

Six guests, most of whom didn’t know each other wore the same dress, by Aussie brand Nearly New, and we have to say, they all look delightful! It also looks like they all took the coincidence well - and the bride got herself a whole new set of bridesmaids! 

How would you feel if you went to a wedding and found five other guests wearing the same as you? 

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