Bridal hair
Bridal hair

Find a stylist you trust

"Unless you already have your own hairdresser who is used to your style, personality and hair, you should ideally visit your chosen salon three months before the big day to bond with your stylist. Just as you have given your time to find the dress of your dreams, likewise you need to give that amount of time to your stylist." Denise McAdam

Plan your accessories in advance

"Accessories that reflect the details of your dress, such as feathers, pearls and beads can all be used to add interest to your hair. Alternatively there are lots of fun things you can add to long or short hair, including temporary hair wefts, which add volume as well as length. Hairpieces are fun to use with an updo, giving extra length to create a fuller style. Hair extensions are great for a more lasting look that will carry you through the honeymoon too." Errol Douglas

Get your hair in top condition

"Many brides-to-be grow their hair so that they can wear it up on the day. Get your hair into the shiniest condition ever as early as possible, with a series of deep cleansing and nourishing treatments."Daniel Hersheson

Be comfortable with your look

"Opt for something that you know suits you - you will feel much more comfortable and your natural beauty will shine through when you are relaxed. Your wedding is not the day for experimentation. Things can go wrong and you want your husband and friends to recognise you."Andrew Jose

Give your colour time to settle

"If you colour your hair, have any retouching done about 10 days before the wedding. This gives the colour time to settle, as you'll have washed it a few times. A touch of regrowth looks far more soft and natural than looking as if it's just been done." Bruno Elorrioroz

Soften the look of short hair

"Create sweeping fringes and movement either by adding waves or gently smoothing and flicking the ends using tongs or straightening irons. Even if it's short you can still add a pretty diamanté hairclip or dainty tiara."Steven Goldsworthy

Keep it simple

"If you're still deciding what look to go for, it's always a good idea to pay it safe and stay classically simple. Trends change so quickly that if you choose a look that's too edgy, it can look dated very quickly. The idea is to be ultimately timeless."Lee Stafford

Consider your hair from all angles

"Take some Polaroids at your trial sessions to get an objective view - often what you see in the mirror is different on film. This can be quite an interesting process and help you clarify exactly what you want and don't want."Daniel Hersheson

Think ahead

"Don't wash your hair on the morning of your wedding if you're planning on wearing it up, as it will be too slippery to style and won't retain any height. Hair needs to be a day old." Kevin Moss at John Frieda

Be organised on the day

"It's all about timing. I always do a timetable on a big job to ensure things run to schedule, so it's important to let the hairdresser know in advance whose hair they are expected to do - and don't fling someone extra at them at the last minute. You want to keep the day relaxed and when there are a lot of nerves around, the last thing you need is to run out of time." Antoinette Beenders at Aveda

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