Jason Vale's weight-loss tips

Juice Doctor Jason gives his advice on losing weight for your wedding
Jason Vale weightloss tips
Jason Vale weightloss tips
1 Chew your food thoroughly - your stomach doesn’t have teeth!
By eating slowly you will actually get to taste your food, improve your digestion and, because you are giving time for your body to acknowledge that it has been fed, you feel fuller and so eat less!
2 Eat only when genuinely physically hungry - you cannot feed an emotion with food!
Anything you eat when you are not genuinely hungry gets stored as FAT! The real pleasure in eating is in the ending of a genuine hunger; if you aren't hungry you won't get any genuine pleasure from eating.
3 Stop eating when you are just full – this is one of the key elements to weight loss.

Eat more than your body wants, even if it’s healthy food, and you will get an overspill, only you can’t mop up this overspill as it will be around your waist, hips and thighs in the form of FAT!
4 Exercise for 30-60 minutes twice a day – your body was designed to move!
 This doesn’t mean you need to pound your body to the point of damaging yourself; it just means you need to get up and move in some way for 30 minutes twice a day, resting on one day each week.
5 Get Juiced! If you can’t eat it, drink it!
The easiest way to get good quality ‘live’ nutrition in your system is to have it in liquid form, and the easiest way to do that is to juice some fresh fruits and vegetables. A glass of freshly extracted juice a day is one of the best health insurances you can invest in.

Jason Vale is a former chocolate-bingeing, lager-drinking chain smoker who has turned his life around, and since 1994 he has personally helped thousands of people destroy their cravings for unhealthy products. His book '7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet' is published by HarperThorsons, £6.99.


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