A Quarter of Men Propose Without an Engagement Ring

The question is, why are they getting down on one knee with no ring?

When you picture your dream proposal, chances are the ring plays a pretty big part in it.

This evidently isn't the case for men, as a recent survey by Beaverbrooks revealed that 24% of men are proposing without the ring... That's right, not even a placeholder ring

Image | ONOKY - Eric Audras
Image | ONOKY - Eric Audras

Further survey results revealed that 29% of women said it was crucial for the man to know exactly the type of ring she'd like, while 28% said it was essential that their fiance get the ring size right - maybe it's all the pressure that's putting men off buying a ring?! We bet they'd be mortified to buy you an engagement ring that you hate

This exactly scenario has happened to more men than you might realise; 10% of women surveyed said they secretly cannot stand their ring, while 12% said they initially turned their nose up at their husband’s choice of a ring but have grown to love it over the years.

Lastly, 15% of the ladies asked admitted they secretly wished they had their friend’s engagement ring as they thought it was nicer than theirs... ouch!


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