Disney Lovers will be Obsessed with this Cinderella Ring Box

We defy any Disney lover to turn down this Cinderella proposal

When it comes to the world of weddings, Disney themed big days are rather popular; from magical Disney touches, to Disney Princess inspired wedding dresses, to Disney Princess lingerie (yes, really!), there's hardly a corner of the wedding world that hasn't had Disney magic sprinkled on it.

The latest area to be touched with that special sparkle is proposals; you can now buy a Cinderella's carriage ring box - just try to contain your excitement! 

Image | Instagram.com/ameraryvs
Image | Instagram.com/ameraryvs

Can you imagine just how exciting it would be to be proposed with dazzling box?! It's almost as amazing as the ring inside.

Even if your partner proposes with a normal ring box, you could always buy this sparkling baby to keep your ring safe in if you ever need to take it off.

The only problem? The place to buy this ring box is actually inside Disneyland, in the Cristal d'Orleans shop. But hey, it's just an excuse to visit the happiest place on earth, right?

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