Why we're obsessed with Pandora jewellery for bridesmaids, mother of the bride AND brides

We sat down with Pandora's chief creative officer, Stephen Fairchild, to talk aisle-ready jewellery and trends to watch.
Prices from £45, Pandora
Prices from £45, Pandora

Tell us, what’s hot for weddings this year?
Florals! We’ve seen floral prints incorporated into dresses on the bridal catwalks, and they work for jewellery, too. Our spring/summer 2016 collection is very floral focused, with delicate stacking rings and fine chains – all perfect for the big day. 

So Pandora isn’t just for the bridal party – brides can wear it, too?
Absolutely. One of the unique things about us as a brand is that you can easily mix and match the pieces to suit your individual style. Your bridal jewellery is another amazing place to bring your personality into your aisle look. 

We love stacking rings. Can brides work this look on their left hand alongside a wedding band?
Definitely – the ethos behind our designs is that there are no styling limitations. Encouraging women to style their jewellery as an expression of themselves is really important for us. I think that brides should be brave with their jewellery and if they want to put some thin bands either side of their wedding ring, they should go for it. Our selection of silver and gold bands could give a nice two-tone effect that doesn’t overpower the wedding ring.

Let’s talk gifts. Any ideas for bridesmaids
Our charms are perfect, of course, but how about a beautiful pair of earrings they can wear on the day and for years to come? Birthstone studs are a great personal option, while 14ct gold earrings would be a great way to say an extra special thank you to the maid of honour for all of her efforts.  

How about showing some love to mum?
Personally, I love our Essence Collection of charms – each one symbolises a special value, such as Appreciation, Wisdom and Caring, and it really reflects that bond between mother and daughter. It’s a beautiful and personal way for brides to thank their mothers for making them the women they are today. 

And, of course, we have to ask about the charms. What makes them so unique?
Well, for starters, they are all hand-finished using centuries-old craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Each piece goes through an average of 30 pairs of hands before it leaves our production facilities, with some of the designs taking more than half a year to master.

You introduced a new metal, Pandora Rose, to the UK last year. Have girls loved it?
It has been immensely popular! The colour suits any skin tone and is really on trend for summer.

Just when are you going to do engagement rings and wedding bands? 
New inspiration comes to us every day, so a lot of possibilities are out there. But you will have to follow the brand closely to find out!

Any parting words of trend wisdom?
Get creative. Pair gold studs with sterling silver earrings and mix pendants and layering necklaces. It’s all about mixing things up and creating your own style.

Stephen Fairchild is chief creative officer of Pandora.


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