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New bride

Hi All,

I'm trying to plan a wedding in Ghana from the UK so any advice or contacts would be of great help!!!!

Thanks in adivce brides to be!

Nat x

New bride

Hi Mrs wilson2b

Friend of mine got married in Ghana a couple of weeks ago, will be bk in country nxt week so will deffo grill her for info to pass on. Are you or your partner Ghanaian? when are you planning on getting married?

New bride

I found some information in relation to weddings in Ghana on

I asked them a few questions and they were quite helpful

New bride

DearMrs Wilson,

I am also pallning my wedding in Ghana what would you like to know? I am getting married in Ghana in January 2010

this is a shot list of some of my venodrs whom have a very good reputation in Ghana and also very reliable.

The Golden Tulip Hotel... they are taking care of hall setup , decoration & Cateering on the day.

The Lady to ask for is a Lydia Egyafene.

We are still looking for a good video person but we have managed to find some excellent Professioanl Ghana wedding photographers.

we have decide on whom to use yet but we are going to do so soon because we are getting married in Accra Ghana in less than 20 weeks.

good luck if you find any any useful information please share..

Allure is going to do my make up & Hair

A company called KREW will be doing the grooming for all the men.

We initially was considering using this venue Hotel Aburi



ah Golden Tulip, ah that nice place but expensive, me and my other half been there a couple times for their live bands and for drinks.
is Abi doing your photos, he doing my photos, he my mate. wow, your getting married in Jan wow,

Wedding addict

Abi sent me these wedding website of recent weddings in Ghana..

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