14/08/2008 at 07:45
Hi there,

has any one come along a store where they sell really cheap flip flops? Also bulk or wholesale welcome. However, I only need 20-25 pairs so wholesale usually too small.

I would like to provide the shoes in a nice basket at the wedding so any ladies that are troubled with their shoes can just exchange them/ I am having gravel stone paths outside the venue so walking barefoot would be quite uncomfy!!

Many thanks
14/08/2008 at 07:49
Try primark, they had some plain white ones for £1 not so long ago .....
14/08/2008 at 07:52
topshop sell them for about £5 and are very comfortable
14/08/2008 at 10:00
Im doing the same as you, putting them in a basket in the toilets, i got mine from poundland! even more of a bargain cos they were 3 pairs for £2!!

Lots of colours and sizes too.

14/08/2008 at 12:43
Ebay has some in the wholesale/job lot section!! x
14/08/2008 at 14:20
My local Accessorize has a sale, and some flip flops only £2!!!
14/08/2008 at 14:38
primark , cheapy shoe shops like shoe fayre or the market, have you tried internet sites by typing in flop flops in google search? it may throw up lots of suppliers.
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