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Wedding addict


I ordered my invites from Celebrations website (FAB i have to say) but the color of my invites are white and silver and they cleverly sent me some envelope seals (albeit free!) but they're gold and would look a bit odd I think.

They are round stickers which are a dull gold colour, with a picture of a bell on them (if you look at the Celebrations website i'm sure they'll be on there)

I am loathe to throw them and thought if someone on here wanted them, they're yours! There are 80 of them altogether.

I hope they will go to a good home!

Cara xxx

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how much would it be to post them on?
i would be interested if it wasnt too expensive.


Wedding addict

no worries about that, it'd cost me the price of a stamp, so nothing major at all! they're little stickers.
If you want them they're yours... i don't know how to go about exchanging details on here without the world knowing about it! do you?
Cara xx


you should be able to active an email if not if you email me on i will give you my address details.....
thanks very much

Wedding addict

you have mail! )


thank you very much.
mail straight back atcha lol

thanks again

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