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Congratulations 2018 brides...this is our year!


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New bride

Libby13 wrote (see post):
Laura349 wrote (see post):

I don’t even know where to start with a ‘to do’ list, my mind goes blank! 


Same here!!

would be great if people could share their to do lists and then we could see what we are missing x

Just under 4 months to go here!

H2B and I did a “talk-through” of the entire day to make our to-do list which really helped eg ok, the guests come in: where do they put cards etc (‘source card container’ goes on the to-do list). Right, then they walk to the ceremony room: how do they know where to sit (‘sort ceremony seating sign’ goes on the to-do list).

We talked through the whole day like that, adding stuff as we went along - was really helpful.


276 days for us!  Need to start doing some more of the smaller bits.  Been really good on the major components, and then got a bit meh.  

New bride

192 days left for us! The major things we still need to do it Fiances suit, Groomsmen Suits, Bridesmaid Dresses and hair and make-up artist, which we hope to have all sorted by March. It's going to come around fast.. I can feel it!

Wedding addict

Great idea Shanmia!

Anyone else struggling to plan the morning of e.g. timings etc?


Yes I really am struggling with the timings MrsM! But I think nearer the time when more things are concrete it will probably be easier to organise! 

Wedding addict

Lexi90 wrote (see post):

Less than 5 months for us And our wedding day is the same as Prince Harry & Meghan! 

This last week I’ve gone into panic mode and started making more arrangements!! We havent sent invites yet. 

Our wedding is on the same date as yours, I actually like the idea of sharing the date with Meghan and Harry, we have a planner as the wedding is in Sicily and I think I'm in denial about how much there is to do!

Wedding addict

7 days! One week! We've planned our wedding in 4 weeks and we're nearly done. It's only a small 'do, just close family and the church congregation, with a buffet in the church hall afterwards. Neither of us wanted a big wedding, and I'm so glad! 

While I totally, utterly appreciate and understand people having big weddings, it's just not me. And it's just as well, really, because even 4 weeks of planning has driven me nuts! I just want it done now: I want to be a wife and to get on with actual living rather than everything being wedding related. 

Congratulations to all you 2018 brides and I hope all of your planning goes smoothly this year! :D xx

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