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Don't Tell the Bride Applications - BBC3


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Dear All,

If, like me, most of your life seems to revolve around your wedding and you watch pretty much everything wedding related on tv then you'll know this programme - Don't tell the Bride, on BBC3.

There are asking for applicants for a new series.
The advert states:


Girls, are you dreaming of the perfect day and do you know what you want to the tiniest detail?

Is 'the wedding' your favourite topic of conversation?

Do you have hundreds of ideas and know exactly what it will take to make the perfect wedding day?

Grooms, have you listened to her talk about all things 'wedding'?

Could you pull off the ultimate day...and prove that you can make the right decisions?

If you think you are up to the job, we have £12k to make your big day...

Applications Close:28/02/2009

To apply then register with and follow the links for Reality / Documentary.
(there are also hundreds of other tv shows to apply to i.e. Mastermind / Wipeout / Ant & Dec's Saturday night takeway etc) I've just applied to be in a Question of Sports audience.

If any of you are brave enough to apply for Don't tell the Bride, keep us all updated on the plans and best of luck -x-

Edited - added the application closing date!

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OH I 've just found another application for more Weddings.


Calling all couples trying to marry in the Credit Crunch!

Wedding TV are seeking newly engaged couples who want their budget wedding to exceed all expectations. Even better, let Wedding TV pay for your wedding! With a budget of just £3,000 our team of experts together with your chosen family and friends will work day and night to secure you the wedding of your dreams worth more than the budget allocated.

Maybe you and your loved one are planning to get married but just can't afford to do it right now, or maybe you're a boyfriend that needs an opportunity like this in order to propose to his girlfriend? Contact us at Wedding TV and our team of Wed-Busters help you make your dreams come true with a special treat or two thrown in along the way.

In order to be eligible for this once in a lifetime opportunity you must be:-
??????? Over 18
??????? UK citizen
??????? Willing to feature on TV
??????? Willing to marry within a time frame to be decided by the production
??????? Willing to adhere to the £3,000 budget set by the production
??????? Able to devote a week to film the preparations for your big day
??????? Opposite or same sex couples considered

Applicant Close:09/04/2009


Are you getting married any time between now and June 2009? Do you fancy thechance of winning a five star luxury honeymoon? ITV is producing a brand new wedding show for Living called Four Weddings, acelebration of all things wedding related. Four brides will attend eachothers' weddings as guests, experiencing everything the day has to offer.The bride with the most successful wedding will then win a dream honeymoonfor her and her partner. We are in the middle of casting the show and are looking for weddings andcivil partnerships from now until the middle of June. So, if you think thatyou're having a day to remember and are up for some fun, please get intouch. If you're interested, please contact us on 020 7157 3753 or

I just had this email through and thought I would share it on this thread.


mrsock - the one you posted is about commenting on the wedding, giving things marks out of 10 etc! it was advertised differently previoulsy they seemed to have changed the wording


Haha, i got asked if i wanted to go on Dont Tell the Bride at the Wedding Show last Saturday, i did say no though!
I couldn't bare it!!

Marrying my soul mate 5th September 2015.

New bride

hi there i am wanting to get married to the fiance in November and was wanting to no more about Don't Tell The Bride. We were wanting to do Don't Tell The Bride we love each other so much that we want to get married as soon as possible

New bride

hi my finace loves the program and always gose on about being on it. so i am applying for dont tell the bride to give her the day of her life as we love eachother and i wanna make her very happy! we've wanted to get married for about a year as we been engaged for about two years but never planned anything.
so i really wont to give her the day she will remember for the rest of her life? and i really wont to make her my wife

New bride

hi my name is jason me and my partner janine would like to get married we are expecting are first baby on 13 december . she is allways talking about the show so we would like to be on it thanks.


Well, I applied for the show in 2010 and never heard back from you. Obviosuly we're too normal to appear on the show, no doubt you choose people deliberately who you think will have conflicts and therefore make more interesting viewing.

I've now booked my wedding, so it's too late for me.

So I'd say to anyone thinking of applying, sensationalise your application and over state how there could be conflicts etc and you may have a chance. Don't apply as just an honest couple wanting to get married but can't afford it as they wont accept you.
It's just smartie-babie

New bride

hello i would like any help i have been with my girlfriend for 17years now and think it is time we got married but i just dont not know where to start so any help you can pass on will help me a lot and i tape dont tell the bride and i think it is good and you do get a tew good adeas from it

New bride

Hi pink4742
I was wandering if you could help me please as your friends where successful!
Me and my partner have applied for don't tell the bride,they have rang us both and said they are very interested.we would love to know what happend next for your friends if possible as we don't know what to do from here.

New bride

hi ive been with my fiance now for nearly 6 years and he finally proposed to me on 7th oct last year while doin a small performance, we cnt wait to get married and would love to be considered for the show, we have a 4 year old child together and he has a son to a previous relationship and to have his last name would mean the world to us both plz get in contact xx

New bride

i have been with my fiance for 3 years now, and engaged for two.

we met when she started working with me back in 2008, and slowly as time passed we gradually fell in love more and more everyday. i finally musttered up the strength to as her out after 2 years! realising that she was the one i wanted to be with for the rest of my life, i asked her to marry me 5 months into our relationship.

since then we have moved in together, her 9 year old son has joined us, and we have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl of 15 months. but the past two years havent been to kind though as my partner had an extremely traumatic birth with our daughter, which looked like it was going to have a very grim outcome, fortunatly it didnt! And later on in the year she was diagnosed with skin cancer, which as you could imagine was not what we needed and made us feel like we had hit rock bottom. but that was sucessfully removed and hopefully will not be returning.

my job is a manufactuing job and i dont get paid a great deal, and what i do get needs to go on our general living costs, which allows no room for saving, especially for a wedding!

I love my fiance very much, and i could not wish of anything more than to give her the wedding of her dreams and make her day something that she can take with her and talk about for the rest of her life.

i would love to be concidered for the show so i could be able to show my fiance how much she means to me by giving her a perfect wedding.

look forward to you reply


Phil wareham.

New bride

I also apllied sunday 15th Jan and had phone call yesterday, I had missed the call so they rang my partner at work! so wish it was me taking the call, I am just wondering anyone know what happens now i.e. how long I am going to be excited for before finding out if got through next stage or not

New bride

Me and my partner want to get married on aug11 and we struggling to pay for it with 6 kids to keep . Me and my partner have been through lots in our life and we just want to settle down together we would be grateful if u could help us out. My partners been in and out of care all his life and I've had violent relationship. We'd just both like to be given a chance to get married. Thank you so much.

New bride

Me and my partner want to get married on aug11 and we struggling to pay for it with 6 kids to keep . Me and my partner have been through lots in our life and we just want to settle down together we would be grateful if u could help us out. My partners been in and out of care all his life and I've had violent relationship. We'd just both like to be given a chance to get married. Thank you so much.

New bride

hey me and my partner ahve been together for 4 years now been trying to plan our big day over and over again, we meet on a website called vampire freaks and after 3 years i first meet her face to face and we hit it off right away and it has a wonderful time since.
i moved in two years ago left my job and my flat in london to move to north wales "sunny wales", moved in with her family and havnt looked back since been the best move. we have been trying to plan our wedding for the last two year but no luck yet.

would love to here back from you

thanks again lee

New bride

Me and my partner have been together 6 years now we fell in love at a young age I was 15 and she was 16 after the first year what we both felt for each other is defiantly something to keep so I decided to propose to her. I was at the age of 16 at the time of proposal and I had a job that paid not brilliant but keeping in mind as a young couple we had no responsibilities or bills I thought that getting married would be nice and easy but I lost my job and I had trouble getting into a stable job and so it was one job after another. so a few more years into our relationship we were expecting a baby and lucky enough a couple of weeks after finding out this fantastic news I managed to get myself a stable full time job, so talk about a wedding had started again, but not realising how much time and money it took to look after a baby our plans had soon enough been but on hold again. and now we have another beautiful baby in our family (so 2 kids) and with my job being in manufacturing (Low pay) our only hope of getting married now is applying for "Don't tell the bride"

Thanking you for taking the time to read my message and I hope to hear from you soon

P.S this is the first I have done something like this so if there is anything I have missed out please email me at

New bride

Hi, i applied for don't tell the bride this year too, i always get numbers phoning me on my mobile and never know whether to answer it. Do you know what the number began with please? Thank