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STFU Parents - Vagena and Vadgesty!


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New bride

Has anyone ever heard of this website? It is basically made up of crazy facebook posts and photos from insane parents that have been sent into the website by their 'friends'! This is my favourite post of all!

(hopefully that link has worked!)

Beware, this picture may make you feel a bit sick, even though it has been edited to cover up this lady's naughty bits!

Oh and apparently this girl called her twins Vadgesty Foxi Maiden and Vagena Tamphen Pohtaytar.........


oh my god!!!!!!!! and i just read that the guy in the pic is her brother...agghh agghhh agghh!!

**runs off head in hands!!** x


Nothing wrong with birth pics but to put them on facebook is more than a bit thoughtless


Now to call your children "Vadgesty Foxi Maiden" and "Vagena Tamphen Pohtaytar" defies logic, common sense and belief, quite frankly! These parents HAVE to be American (hope that doesn't sound racist!) and suddenly all those chavvy names that parents on sink estates choose for their kids seem SO desirable and appealing.

I thought the funniest group of names I'd ever heard were those of the brothers in the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".

1. Adam
2. Benjamin
3. Caleb
4. Daniel
5. Ephraim
6. Frankincense
7. Gideon

Yeah, all Biblical names but they couldn't find one beginning with F in the Bible that was a PERSON, only Frankincense which is a SUBSTANCE!!

But honestly, names like "Vadgesty Foxi Maiden" and "Vagena Tamphen Pohtaytar" are laughable!

Twins are supposed to be very close and have an amazing bond. However, look at the way these names are spelled and the way they COULD be spelled, and consider their perceived pronunciation ......

If I had a name that sounded pretty much like Vagina Tampon Potato and my twin was called something very similar to Majesty Foxy Maiden then I would hate her - even if she WAS my twin - but not half as much as I'd hate our parents!

Bamba xx


I haven't been on that one but try for similar antics. The things some people put on Facebook!


LOL - well I gave birth on national television. so birth pics don't bother me. But the names are weird.

New bride

Well I dont have kids of my own but if/when I do, i doubt very much that I shall be wanting to relive the very moment of my baby actually popping out of my 'vagena' even by myself, let alone sharing it with the world on facebook!

And to have my brother there watching me in all my naked 'crowning' glory? No thanks.........


omg i totally pmsl at this site!!! It's so funny and so true, I mean I'm a parent but I do not chronicle my child's every cough on facebook. That being said why would ANYONE post a pic of themselves at that stage of labour on the INTERNET????
Robsia I take it that you took part in some sort of documentary and were paid to give birth in front of a TV camera? And I highly doubt you put stills of that on a social networking site for all to appreciate?!!! lol x

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