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YAY! I’ve found my wedding centrepieces! 😀😀


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So I’m super pleased that I’ve finally found my wedding centerpieces after the first ones I bought didn’t work out (I posted a couple of times on here, which one or two of you may have seen)! 

I‘ve had a vision of twig tree centrepieces, but wanted them to be a little different (the first ones I wanted were sliver glitter with hanging jewels and built in LED lights). After a disaster with the fist set, (I couldn’t get them in silver and ended up with gold, plus the led lights were the wrong colour too), I’ve ordered these:

I’m not sure if the photo is very clear but they have delicate beading along the branches - so gorgeous! I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg, but found these which were under £10 per tree! If you can’t tell, I’m super happy! 😊😊


Oh they’re fab! Glad you finally got sorted 😊


Thanks ladies! Not easy finding some that I liked as much as the first set, but I think these will look lovely!


Laura349 wrote (see post):

Nottinghamshirebride these look lovely! 

Can I be cheeky and ask where you got the gold trees you had from? I’ve been looking for some for my centre pieces 😊 (but need to save up a bit for them first lol)


Yes, no problem. I think you’re going to struggle to find them in store though (I found the ones I posted about in B&M). I bought them on Boxing Day (obviously in the wrong colour) and contacted 15+ stores since then to try and source some more (in the right colour this time!). However, from what I can gather, they have sold out nationwide (of both colours) and none of the stores have them in stock. Although I did get my hopes up a one point as the shops computer showed them as having 11 but when they checked they had 0! One store I phoned sold all 33 of them within the fist 20 mins of opening on Boxing day (quite unsurprisingly given the price). But, you never know, you might have more luck than me! If you do happen to find any silver ones, please let me know as I would still quite like them 😂

And, if you really do have your heart set on them, you can buy them from eBay for around £25 per tree. I just couldn’t justify spending nearly of £200+ on my centrepieces, which is why I decided to look for an alternative (it might we worth doing the same if you’re not happy to pay the eBay prices).

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