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Hi Simmons2B i'm the day before you on the 29th July. Fingers crossed for a lovely weekend!! U seem very organised and have lots planned already. I've planned the majority of mine too - with the help of family and friends.

Good Luck with the rest of it.

SpaghettiMonster - the Mollington is absolutely lovely I went on a spa day with my mum and we had a good look around. Gorge x

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Hi Everyone - i was looking on here for inspiration...i don't live on the Wirral (Stockton Heath) but i have an appt to look around Thornton Manor. I really want an outdoor wedding, and i'm having an 'English Tea Party' theme.

Struggling to find venues that are licensed to wed outdoor - so ideas are welcome!!!

Getting Married late June 2011 - so need to get my act together.

Also looking around Combermere Abbey - has anyone been there??

Thank you ladies - love hearing about everyones big day!

Sophie xxx


Thanks MrsDutton2B (I've Emailed you)

CoutureBride, we have the Leasowe Castle on our 'list' and are going to the Showaround on the 25th Really looking forward to viewing it all set up wedding stylee. BTW, Did you do any negotiating with the wedding team there or were the fee's non-negotiable??


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Hey Sophie

The outdoor ceremony areas at Thornton Manor at absolutely stunning, and I mean stunning!!

There are two, one for the Manor House, and one for the marquee. Depending on where you are having your reception will dictate which one you can have. I actually preferred the one for the manor house, but I am having the marquee, not that the marquee one isn't beautiful, it is just not as grand.

I wanted to get married outside, plus have a marquee, so there was only one option really, the Thornton Manor Estate. Thornton Hall up the road are also licensed for outdoor ceremonies and have some lovely locations in their grounds, so you should take a look there to. Alot cheaper than the manor too. Let me know how your appointment goes hun x

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Couturebride - Leasowe castle is 10 mins from home, lovely grounds been to a few weddings there! All lovely! They decorate the rooms beautifully and the food is lovely too.

The castle is lit at night and looks stunning! Good luck with you appt.

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sammyd2b - Leasowe is fab when i went for my appointment i decided within 10 mins that was the perfect place I havent negotiated with the price as we thought it was really reasonable anyway..maybe we should have tried to negotiate :S

MrsDutton2b - Thanks for that! makes me even more excited!

hope all your plans are going well ladies lets stay in touch!

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Hi everyone, I'm Liverpool too and finding it really hard to find anything for our small (4 grand) budget, even something small because I don't want a big do. Its a shame all the 'halls' in Liverpool are tacky as hell!x

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I have provisionally booked Thornton Manor for 19th May 2011!!! Going monday to confirm...!! I can't believe it...i have soooo much to do!

Can anyone recommend any good designer dress shops locally?? I have no idea where to start...

So excited xxxxx

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Hi Sophie, there's a few on the Wirral - I only went to 2 and tried on two dresses one of which I loved! Bellissima brides in Brimstage Hall is where I went and its owned by H2b's colleagues wife Laura! She was great and actually ordered a dress in for me! Have a look at their website.
I spent ages trawling the internet looking at different designers. There's also some good ones in West Kirby!
Happy Planning and congratualtions on booking your venue xx Liza

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Thanks Liza - i'll have a good look.

Its seems real now... xxx

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I'm getting married on 4 Dececember 2010 at the Athenaeum Club in Liverpool. It's right in the city centre and unless you know it's there you wouldn't notice it.
We wanted a really informal relaxed wedding and this place is perfect. I love the fact they don't have a wedding menu. We told them what we wanted and how much we wanted to spend and they came back with a price. Have to pay for hire but the food is so cheap it worked out cheaper than going to a hotel and paying for their set wedding menus. We've also got exclusive use so no randoms wandering in.

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Right, Thornton Manor booked May 19th....need to book caterer, buy dress, flowers, hair, makeup...arghhh! You ladies put me to shame!

I have booked with registrar - so that can be ticked.

Anna - have you decided on a caterer?

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Hi Sophie!

Yep, we sure have. We had a meeting with Dave at Chapman Holmes last week and he was great! They event manage aswell as part of the package which is good, as they done us a whole 'plan' for our day etc, and they can provide as much input as you want with regards to organising other things. We are booked in for our food tasting on the 1st Oct, which is none obligatory and I can take both my mum and sister with me too! They have an extensive range of menu's from al la carte to carved buffet (which we have gone for - they are very very good!), and you get three complementary canapes per person, which we didn't know and has saved us £360! (It does not say this on the menu that you get given by the Manor).

I have also booked the Bridal Mews cottage for two nights, and the Manor gave me a 20% discount on the first night, so be sure to ask for this when booking your accomodation if your staying over (this still should apply to the Manor House I would imagine).

I am currently looking at hair and make up, and so far I have two people in mind, which I am waiting to hear back from. One is Jo Coole, who is offering early booking discounts for 2011, and the other is Nina Wren, who looks very good (she done Michelle Marsh's hair and makeup on celerity four weddings and her prices are the same as most others).

There is also a wedding shop called the Wedding Rooms in Formby that looks very good. They have everything under one roof (like the Wedding House in Liverpool) and I have seen tHE exact candelarbra that I want on their wesite so I am just wating for them to get back to me with prices etc!! x

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Hi All

I'm getting married in 45 days!! 1st October 2010 at Soughton Hall in Northop but i'm originally from South Liverpool. Not many people know the venue which is actually part of its appeal and part of the reason I don't want to get married in Liverpool that and the fact the guest list would get WAY out of control with my parents!!

Thornton Manor is beautiful and I would love to have got married there but it was just too big for us but we've promised each other we'll have an anniversary party there one day instead!!

Combermere Abbey we looked at and again stunning gardens but to be honest if its raining there is absolutely no where to have your pictures taken other than a marquee. I was not about to pay that kind of money to just have my pictures in a marquee which could be anywhere. As I'm getting married early Oct the chances of rain are rather high I would imagine so I needed somewhere which offered a fall back option if the weather was rubbish.

Have a look at Soughton Hall in Northop - its a stunning 15 bedroom house privately owned. Worth a look anyway.

I've got most things booked now including entertainment, cars, mens suits, flowers, photographer but I'm struggling with Videographers but I'm going to have a look at the couple that you girls have recommended. I think its really hard cos you are putting your day in their hands and you can't re-create it afterwards.

Anymore ideas are very welcome and obviously after the day I can let you girls know what I thought of everyone I've booked and perhaps help you. I think I'm correct that I'm getting married first?

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Mrs E,

Saughton Hall absolutely stunning!!! We went to view it but unfortunately they are not licensed for civil ceremonies outdoors, which was very important to us. Their marquee looked great though, and the drive up to the house s just gorgeous!!

Your wedding will be absolutely beautiful there. My sister is friends with the owner and I have heard very good things about the weddings there, apparently the team are very very good. Have you got hair and make up yet?? I am just trying to decide! x


Well I've found my venue but its no where near here lol it's called The Inn On The Lake, it's in Ullswater lake district I'm so excited

Steph xx

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Hi all. I have just got married and thought I'd share the people I used because I spent so long looking for good suppliers.

Flowers: Gordale, they were amazing.

Makeup and hair: Nicola Joyce Professional Makeup Artist (find on facebook) she was the nicest person and sooo reasonably priced. She stayed 3 hours on my makeup trial and re-did bits of it until I was happy. Same with hair, she won't charge you multiple trials, she does one until you are happy unlike many hairdressers. Can't praise her enough!

Dress: Opulence in West Kirby was brilliant for choice.

Cars: Chester wedding cars - the nicest cars and nicest people I've ever met!

Photographer: Fotografy J.Cardoso in Port Sunlight. He was amazing, took nearly 900 shots, he is a bit quirky and different and reasonably priced when compared to the rest. Everyone commented on how good he was.

Family friends did the video and cake.

Wedding stationery and sweet buffet: Made myself and loved doing it that much I'm in the process of setting up my own company to make stationery for brides and do sweet buffets and also to teach brides how to make their own invites as I think a lot of people like to do that to save some pennies.
I noticed that there really aren't a lot of options on the Wirral when I was looking so hopefully there is a space for me too!

If I can help with anything else let me know!

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Hi girls, I am also a thornton manor bride. I now live in Lancashire but always wanted to get married at home so we're having the ceremony at the local church where i was brought up in Knowsley Village, its a gorgeous little village church and then we are having our reception in the manor house at Thornton Manor. Bit of a drive but will be worth it. We originally looked at Knowsley Hall but decided it was too expensive which is funny since Thornton Manor ended up costing more but once i saw it i didn't care!!!

I totally know what you mean about the owner Philip but i agree that the place is just so beautiful i wouldn't let it bother me! We are getting married in June 2012 so haven't sorted much yet except for the photographer. We are having atmosferik and we got 20% discount for booking early plus he was the photographer at a wedding where i was a bridesmaid and he was really excellent and you hardly knew he was there.

Haven't got a clue where to start looking at dresses etc but sure it'll be fun when i do. Im hoping to book peaches and cream for hair and make up. They can be pricey but ive used them before and they are amazing. You can also have them stay at your venue all day (til 8pm at night) so you and all your guests can have make up top ups!!

Will look forward to chatting to other Liverpool/Wirral brides and hopefully lots of swapping tips! xxxxx

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I am also a Liverpool bride, getting married in our local church and have booked reception for Thornton Hall Hotle, We've also booked our cars with Barrington in Bootle! Not getting married till May 2012 tho needed a few years to save up!

MrsDraper2Be - We have booked an appointment with Atmosferik for next week, we were looking at the combined package they do with Impressions Videography, can I ask what u have booked? They done our friends wedding this year and I know they were really pleased