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African/Caribbean London brides- who's your MUA?


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Wedding addict

The countdown in months is now single digits  so I'm looking for a MUA. 

Any recommendations (and prices if you don't mind)?

New bride

I've booked a MUA with Nu Woman Beauty. I searched high and low for a make up artist that specialise in black skin & finally found Nu Woman. Their portfolio is amazing and the prices are really good too.

My trial is costing me £65 and £20 for travel to my address so that varies where you live and on the day make up is costing me £135 with £20 travel to the hotel I'm getting ready at.

Hope that helps.


Hey hun, 

I've booked beauty boudoir and im paying £400 for the whole day which also includes trial. This is pricey compared to other mua's however I really love her style and she does wonders with dark skin. You can find her on instagram and other mua. What's your budget? and I can give you a list of mua's I contacted. 

Hope this helps xx


Wedding addict

Thanks MrsSR2Be I'll check them out.

Hey Neeks Bride To Be. Will also have a look at Beauty Boudoir. My budget is £350 max so if you could send some names that'd be great. 

Wedding addict

Great post, this is my current dilemma at the moment, have contacted a few but none have got back to me as yet! 


Hey ladies, hope this helps:

Malkia Roberts- £195-220

KemiKings - £250-700

O.T.S Beauty- £250-£400

MUBSN- £150-£300

MisDee's- £250-600

YeYe- £150-£400

Adiva Forever- £135-£350

JAnnanBeauty- £100-£300

beauty-boudoir- £200-£375

So I've given you the prices of one off applications (morning only) to full day packages. Some of the full day packages also include an additional person i.e MOH/MOTB. All these MUA's can be found on instagram, hopes this helps  

some of there prices may have changed since I enquired



Wedding addict

Very helpful thanks hun

Wedding addict

Hi ladies, I was wondering has everyone booked to have their makeup artist for the whole day or just a morning applications? I'm so torn as I'm trying to cut my costs but with my make for the entire day plus bridesmaids it's spiralling to just over £800 including with a trial. Thinking I'll need the whole day too solely because it'll be August and it is envitable  I'm going to sweat, the last thing I want is to look flustered in my wedding photos. 😩

Wedding addict

Yh thanks, I'm really trying to cut costs somewhere so may just have it applied in the morning and get my chief bridesmaid to touch me up here and there...yh I asked my bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses and I'll pay for makeup as a treat, wish I'd done it the other way round like you did it would have probably have been cheaper lol 🙈 

New bride

Hi everyone,

I specialise in all skin tones and am currently building my bridal portfolio so am offering free trials (before and after). If you like my work I can give you a discount on the day.

My website is currently being updated so keep checking back for new looks -

More recently I have been doing studio work on Made in Chelsea so most of the imagery is from there.

I'm based in London so please do drop me a line

Wedding addict

I'm literally having a meltdown, I was in this forum back when it was created many months ago and for some stupid reason didn't see it as a matter of urgency to book a makeup artist for my August wedding this year. Now that I've stupidly decided to try and book one now all the best artists named on here have been booked up for my day! I've been searching high and low for someone whose is good, but no joy!! Is there anyone else you guys can recommend? 



New bride

Hi Jerina


There are a few more that were not on the list that I have found on Instagram. 




Bernica boateng



Hope this helps.

Wedding addict

Thank you, ive finally found and booked one I love. If anyone else is stuck check out Edith Williams on Instagram she is good and I'm looking forward to having my bridal makeup done by her. 

New bride


Hi ladies, 

Hope you are well. Great thread! 

I’m struggling to pick a bridal MUA. I’m fortunate that the majority are available for my wedding in October. I’m waiting for the last 3 to reply to my email. 

I would like to narrow it down to 2 MUAs so I can go for trials as more than 2 with increase my expenses. 

Have you used any of the following MUAs? What was your experience or who would you highly recommended? I thought Kemikings was a bit expensive tbh


-O.T.S Beauty

--Yeye brides 



- Edith Williams 




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