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Hair and veil suggestions please HELP!


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New bride

Hi guys, I’m really struggling to decide how to have my hair for upcoming wedding in September and what sort of veil to have. I’d be so great full for some opinions and suggestions. 

ive posted pics below



I think I'd go half up half down or hair down but all swept to one side.

You look amazing in the dress!

My planning thread:

Wedding addict

You look amazing in the dress   I think it would suit hair down, your hair looks a good length for it, perhaps with a wave. A long veil (floor or longer) would look good imo. 

Wedding addict

I agree with the others here - you look stunning! 

I would go with something like they suggested. A loose curl with your hair either all down or half up/half down.

A very simple cathedral length veil to cover your train and perhaps a hair comb? Simple & classic. 


New bride

Thanks for the kind replies ladies! I chose my veil yesterday, it’s a very sheer plain church length veil!

its just the hair, I’m debating half up/half down or a loose up-do. I can’t decide!! 


Wedding addict

Your dress is lovely! 

I reckon this style would be perfect:

Image result for wedding hairstyle   Image result for wedding hairstyle

then get a mid-long length veil i reckon


New bride

Ok WHERE IS YOUR DRESS FROM I am obsessed with it!!

New bride

Hey! Thought I’d share my hair trial pics with you all... I just can’t decide up or half up half down?!! 



Wedding addict

I vote up, I think it looks better with the hair vine, both are lovely though x 

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