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Has anyone got an anti-wrinkle eye cream that works????


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I love clarins eye contour gel and eye balm, they are expensive but worth it,-lip-and-neck_-11_10201_11751__44044_30103


Well whether it works or not, I bought a facial anti ageing moisturiser from M&S, it was only £6, and it might not get rid of the wrinkle that has arrived on my forehead, but it did make my skin glow for a bargain price! x


ive heard 'pile' cream tightenens wrinkles in the short term, so if you want it just for the odd occasion why not give it a try, it be cheap!

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I love dermalmd anti aging serum. My eyes are brighter and my fine wrinkles are not nearly as noticeable as they were. My eyes aren't puffy either after using this serum regularly for last few weeks. It goes on soft, absorbs quickly and more importantly to me is that it doesn't run into my eyes. I have had trouble with that with lots of other products. But not with dermalmd so I am very happy about that. 😃


I swear by Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex... It amazing - I've been using it for a few years. It really smooths and plumps the skin under the eyes. I buy sachets if it from Ebay and use those and it's very expensive.

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