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Is general dental visit necessary before marriage?


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New bride

Hi, my wedding is fixed on 12th of the coming month. Last week was full of shopping. Wedding shopping was something that I was excited about. I have arranged a makeup artist for the wedding and bachelorette party. We went to her for the knowledge about the treatment that I should carry out as part of preparation. Then my makeup artist gave a list of things that I should do throughout the month. In between that she told me to visit a general dentistry in Whitby ( ) for a cleaning my teeth. I haven't decided whether I would go or not. Is there any DIY method that I can try at my home to clean and brighten my teeth? Since my wedding is scheduled for next month, I don't have much time to wait for the result. So please provide me with some genuine replies as soon as possible.


Do you want to have this done, or only going on the suggestion made by the MUA?


Wedding addict

My best friend got her teeth whitened before her wedding, but this is definitely not something I will be doing, i will probably see my regular dentist and hygienist prior to the wedding, but for my normal appointments.

Wedding addict

I found normal dentistry and changed my toothpaste to a whitening one (oral b I think the make was). 

That with the electric tooth brush made a huge difference 


She prob didn't mean for a check up but just a scale and polish which can make a huge differene to the colour of your teeth- you can now see a hygienist without a dentist referral so maybe do that instead? If you tell them its for your wedding they will prob give them an extra polish!!

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