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Wedding addict

Hi Girls,

I have read on here before that you can go to the MAC counter in Meadowhall, have a makeover and book one of the makeup artists to travel to your wedding venue. Has anyone done this? Did you have to book the initial makeover or did you just turn up? I want false lashes putting on so can they do this without an appointment or do you have to book? Also, how much did it cost for 1 make up trial and the wedding day makeup? Can anyone recommend a particular person and do you have pics/telephone number?

Sorry about all the questions, just don't have a clue where to start!

Thanks in advance

Kirst xx:\?


I went to the Meadowhall to buy some foundation and they did it there and then but if you want a full makover you have to book in cos its always very busy and I think someone mentioned its £25 for lashes with a trial. I have to say my experience wasnt a good one, the first foundation used made me look tangoed, the 2nd was better and I bought in but then when I stepped out into daylight my husband nearly wet himself, it was sooo the wrong colour, I was gutted cos I had travelled from the North East so not a case of being able to just go back and exchange it, anyway I emailed Mac just to express my disappointment and next thing I got a cheque for £20 in the post, total surprise but very good customer service I thought. Anyway, the moral is, dont just settle for what they provide, make sure you are totally happy.


Hi there,
Can't really offer advice regarding the MAC counter at Meadowhall, but I know a fantastic make-up artist who works in Sheffield and she uses Mac. Don't think I can post her website on here but she's called Lauren Sally so if you do a google search you should be able to find her. She did my make-up for a ball in December and I was really pleased with it.

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