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What's the normal cost of hair and make up?


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Hello again,

I'm confused over costs for hair and makeup. In my head I thought it would be around £200 but all my quotes so far have been £500 plus. Is this normal. My needs:

Make up and hair for me plus trial

Make up only MOB

2 adult bridesmaids hair and makeup

1 junior bridesmaid hair


What sort of price would you expect to be quoted for this?


Prices will differ massively depending on who you use and where you are.

My hair was  £45 including trial and make up was £45 including trial. Bridesmaids hair was £25 each. But that was with my regular hairdresser who is also a make up artist.



I guess it depends on what you want in terms of hair do etc.  I was lucky, my MUA is a close family friend, and so is only charging me travel and expenses.  I think normally she charges around £50-£80 pp for bridal including trial.  So that is £200 there on MUA.  Hair wise, my standard hairdresser says she charges around the same, and she charges £30 for trial.  So based on what you have, that seems ok I think.  I would maybe shop around, but make sure you like the style. I have said to my BMs that I will pay for their hair, but they can pay for MUA if they want her (they all do!)

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My MUA/ hair would be around £500 for that too


It really does vary with who you look at and their experience etc.

Mine is £450 for bride hair and make up plus trials, 1 bridesmaid hair only and 1 flower girl hair only. Relative to that it sounds like a good quote!!


I dont think there is a normal, my quotes varied massively between £35 for me including a trial for hair, to £150 inc trial.

BM between £35-45 without trial.

same for makeup really.


It very much depends on where you are and what you want. I want vintage hair and make up, which requires a specific skillset. I'm currently looking at two H&MU people, the first is £250 for bridal hair + make up plus £90 trial, and then an additional £75 for each bridesmaid for hair and make up.

The second is £110 for a trial and £175 for the day for bride and £80 per bridesmaid. My quote could easily reach £500 for what you want.

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I have had a few quotes and i have 6 bridesmaids, my mum and other in law to be. the quotes have been ridiculous, one wanted 200 for make up for me and 70 per bridesmaid, hair 100 for me and 60 per bridesmaid. on top of that i have to pay mileage for each, one girl wanted £100 for mileage and £100 deposit for the day which only £50 was redeemable from that! im having to ask the girls to pay for their make up if they would like it done and im covering the cost of all the hair. 


I think this varies depending on the area you are and what you are looking for, but as a rough idea here's what we paid:

Bridal Makup and Trial - £100

Bridal Hair and Trial - £50 

MOB Makeup and Trial - £80

MOB Hair - £25

Bridesmaid Hair - £25 each 

Junior Bridesmaid Hair - £20


I think I paid around £300/£350 for 3 x Makeup & 3 x hair.


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It massively depends on location and what area you're in. London based mua's for example are always more expensive due to living costs being so much higher there, tends to be cheaper up North.

For what you're asking i'd quote £350 and that would include lashes and the option to have airbrush makeup but that's just me. Freelance artists set their own prices depending on skill, experience, kit quality as well how high a level of demand they're in. Agency represented artists have their prices set for them but the're usually a little bit  higher so that both the artist and the agency are getting a fair cut.

The best thing to do is research your local artists and do a bit of price comparing.I'd always advise avoiding the prices that seem 'too good to be true' as well as they usually are. 


Was going to quote what mine is, but she's just posted above ;) ^^^^

Haha :D

                                  My Planning Thread - 'Tis The Season to be Married

SW - 10st 12lb

CW - 10st 4lb

GW - 8st 5lb       

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My MUA quoted £70 for the trial and £100 on the day for me. If I was having hair as well then it would be £180 but my hair is short so I'm doing it myself.

For BM on the day it's  £50 and £20 for the 14 year olds. The flower girl she will do some blush and gloss for free as she is only 7. 


I looked at a few MUA and some were cheaper and some were more expensive but I picked her bc she does the type of make up I like (I don't wear natural looking make up)

Also one of the groomsman fiancees is a hairdresser so she will be doing some of the hair on the day so, depending who does what I will pay for their hair but, if my friend does some hair for free then I can budget for some make up as well. Got to see who wants what. It's too expensive when I have 6 bridesmaids and a flower girl to pay for both hair and make up.

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Mine is a LOT of money, but mainly because I have a large bridal party (7 of us, including me) and I wanted some of the best in my area. I also justified it because we have decided not to get wedding cars to our venue, and spend it on the stuff that everyone will see (our hair and faces haha). I also saved a lot of money on their bridesmaid's dresses which came out £200 under my original budget.

Also, I don't like looking like I wear a lot of makeup so wanted someone that is good at natural look and did a lot of research.

I paid the total for:

Bride (including trials)

5 x Bridesmaids


Hair: £545

Makeup: £465

Total: £1010 

I am getting married in Derbyshire

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I'm a fully qualified Beauty Therapist NVQ2 & 3 - Diploma in Make Up Artistry - Lash Lift & Brow Specialist - London

I'm a new freelancer although I've over 15 years of experience, I've kept low key for many years so I don't have much of a portfolio, my rates and packages are very reasonable whilst I build my client base, get in touch if you'd like to discuss further.

Best Regards


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Where are you based? 

i am an mua and considering you only have yourself, x2 bridesmaids, Mob, and junior bridesmaid my price would be near enough half of that?! X

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My regular hairdresser is doing my wedding hair for me and my two Bridesmaids. They also have staff that do 'Beauty' within the salon and have a make-up artist that does wedding make-up.

I'm paying £45 for myself (£25 hair and £20 make-up) and £35 for each of my BM's (£20 hair and £15 make-up).



Mine is costing £200. It's one lady who does both hair and makeup and the price includes hair/makeup for me, 1 BM and MOB. Because we're on a tight budget the MUA has kindly agreed to do my hair and makeup trial completely free of charge if I go to her salon mid-week, which I've agreed to do. 

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I am a MUA/HAIR 

Bride (including trials) - 270 (makeup &hair)

Bridesmade - 80 (makeup&hair)


.It irritates me how prices are often so much more for the bride than anyone else....  what is it about being a bride that makes our hair and skin magically in need of more time and products?

(oh that's right..... absolutely nothing!  Gotta love the W tax)


In all seriousness, when I was a BM we all had our hair & makeup done together at a salon.  Same products, similar hairstyles (altered slightly to account for different textures & length) and same amount of time taken, yet the bride's cost more than twice everyone else's.  I think its disgusting that places charge such a hefty premium..... but unfortunately as long as people are willing to pay it (or think they have to), I guess its never going to change