Anyone Honeymooning in New Zealand?


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Hi all,

Just got back from our New Zealand honeymoon on Monday. I'm completely on love with the place!!

Any questions, just ask!x


emma531 wrote (see post):

Hi all,

Just got back from our New Zealand honeymoon on Monday. I'm completely on love with the place!!

Any questions, just ask!x

Hi Emma,

I hope you had a lovely honeymoon! It sounds like you did.

We're currently debating our honeymoon in New Zealand for November next year. We're planning on 2 weeks touring the south island. Can't decide between a campervan or hire car and motels. Can I ask what you did and how long you went for? 


MissGx wrote (see post):
emma531 wrote (see post):

Hi all,

Just got back from our New Zealand honeymoon on Monday. I'm completely on love with the place!!

Any questions, just ask!x

Hi Emma,

I hope you had a lovely honeymoon! It sounds like you did.

We're currently debating our honeymoon in New Zealand for November next year. We're planning on 2 weeks touring the south island. Can't decide between a campervan or hire car and motels. Can I ask what you did and how long you went for? 


We landed in Auckland on 30th Sept and spent 2 nights there with family. (I was so dizzy from the plane, really glad we had that time to chill!)

We then picked up our campervan (Britz voyages. Supposed to be a 4 berth but really only big enough for 2 but just right for us) and then drove 3 hrs to Rotorua. The next day we went white water rafting and did a glow worm kayak tour. Then went via wai-o-tapo  thermal wonderland. If you're not good with smells.... take some strong mints!!!

Then 1 night in taupo which was a nice holiday town. Next drove 3hrs to Wellington 2nts where we just did a bit of sightseeing and pubs. 

Then ferry to Picton and a huge 8hr drive to Franz josef to do the glacier heli hike. Luckily we booked for 2 nights as it was too windy on the 1st day so did the hike the next day. Nothing else to do in FJ other than pub!

Then onto Wanaka 2nts which we loved! We squeezed in a day of skiing up cardrona just before the season finished. Then onto Queenstown. Our new fave place!! Queenstown is flipping awesome! Really good mix of adventure and leisure. It's big enough to keep you busy but small enough to still be nice. We did the shot over jet boat and the canyon swing as well as flying over to Milford Sound for a cruise and kayak. If you can  afford it I would certainly recommend flying as opposed to driving or a coach. Takes far too much time - we save 3 nights.

Then we drive to Tekapo 3hrs 1nt. Supposed to go stargazing but got halfway through the pretty rubbish tour when it was cancelled due to the wind. I wouldn't pay for the tour again, just go up the mountain myself.

Then 3hr drive to Christchurch where we stayed 1 by in s camp site and one in a hotel as well as seeing family. Very interesting place with all the regeneration after the quakes. 

If we'd have had more time we have probably had another day skiing, longer in Queenstown and longer in Wellington.

I would certainly recommend getting a campervan. It made our lives so much easier and as we were only in a small one we could still park anywhere. Don't worry about no toilet/shower in the camper. They're only needed if you are freedom camping which tends to only be allowed in the middle of nowhere. All the facilities were more than adequate in the parks.

When we went we had wet/windy/cold weather in Auckland. Mid teens in Rotorua.  Wet but warm in Wellington. Highs of 26° in FJ after being on a glacier! Then around 2° in cardrona. Late teens in Queenstown in the sun but about 8° in the evening and then rain again in Christchurch. Needless to say the mountain at Tekapo was FREEZING! 

Due to the vast changes in weather, we needed every item of clothing going meanin


Ps. We went to Sydney and Dubai after. In hindsight, I'd have cut out Sydney all together and cut Dubai down to 2 nights just to break up the journey and to go to aquaventure lol. I'd have used that extra time in NZ x


emma531 - Wow! It sounds amazing. Thanks for all the info 

We're still undecided on whether to go, the flight prices have shot up in recent weeks, and the 29+ hour flights are really putting me off. I get fidgety after a 2.5 hour flight to europe haha! People also keep saying that 2 weeks isn't long enough, but we can't get anymore time off work.

However reading your post has got me so excited! We want to do a similar path, but fly both in and then out of Christchurch, and just stay on the south island. Want to do the FJ Glacier, Milford Sound, Queenstown, Dunedin etc. too. The weather sounded like it varied alot! I guess if we just pack for every occasion we'll be fine :)

I've looked at the coach and fly from Milford Sound, I think flying back would be amazing but completely dictated by what funds we have available by then. Did you take the a coach from Queenstown to Milford and then fly back? Thanks for the info! It sounds amazing  x


Tbh, if I had the chance to go again and only had two weeks, I'd jump at that chance! It's just so amazing there.

The flight wasn't as bad as I expected. We flew from Newcastle which added a 10hr stop over in Dubai so we got some sleep in the hotel in the airport. Then the flight to Auckland which refilled at Sydney really wasn't that bad. I had some of asdas finest sleeping tablets, had my amazing travel pillow (really is amazing) and Emirates give you an eye mask and ear plugs, toothbrush etc. Although next time I'd pay for the extra leg room which wasn't very much but well worth it. Emirates have literally hundreds of films to choose from, impressive in flight meals and as much wine as you can cope with. Made the flight literally fly over. The only problem was feeling dizzy for a while after, I could feel the motion of the plane for ages!

We flew to milford and also flew back. Its expensive but well worth it. If you were only going to fly one way I'd advise to fly there and coach back. The route is one big circle meaning you go a different way back. On the way there we flew through snowy mountains that literally took my breath away and was really a once in a life time experience. The way back was still impressive but felt more like it could be done anywhere, flying over lakes etc 

I would say that if you are going to go, really go for it and try to save as much as you can so you can experience as much as possible. We spent an absolute fortune but figured as we were so far away and it was our honeymoon it was ok lol. I would have lived to have done more but of course there's always a limit and I'm now SKINT haha!

Getting a camper certainly saved us money. The diesel is around 70p/litre but there is a tax of $6/10km for diesels. Our tax came to around $130. Was still cheaper than a petrol van though as petrol is quite a bit more. The campsites varied between $40 to $60 whereas if you are looking at hoyels/motels they will be a minimum of $100. Our CC hotel was $200 for one night. So while hiring a camper may be a little more expensive than a car, it's far far cheaper (and easier!) In the long run! Plus we ate every breakfast and most lunches in the camper which must have saved quite a bit. Not something you can do with hotels.

Have you had a look at the routes you can take to get all the things in you want? We quickly discovered when planning that just because things look close on the map it doesn't mean they close on the road lol. Those pesky mountains get in the way!

I'm actually getting excited for you just writing this haha!


Hello! We recently honeymooned in NZ too. We had 2 weeks there, going round both islands, and then 4 nights in Sydney at the end.

We had a hire car and stayed in hotels/motels/a beach hut/an old schoolhouse. I picked a mix of posher and more affordable places to stay. In Christchurch we stayed in a lovely block of apartments (called Southwark Apartments) which was great value for money. I have heard that camper van hire can be cheaper if you start in the south and drive northwards so that could work for you maybe.

Like Emma, we had a long stopover in Dubai on the way there, which meant we qualified for Emirates to give us a free hotel. It really helped with the jet lag. 

Our itinerary was

- 2 nights Auckland

- 1 night near Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach

- 1 night near Waitomo caves

- 2 nights Rotorua, then flight from Rotorua to Christchurch

- 1 night Christchurch

- 2 nights Aoraki Mount Cook Village (highly recommended)

- 1 night Wanaka

- 3 nights Queenstown (incl coach tour to Milford Sound)

- 4 nights Sydney (2 of which was staying with family)


We did Milford by coach and didn't find it a problem. The guide stopped in various places of interest, told us interesting info and played a NZ movie for us on the way back. The flights would be great on a clear day, but too expensive for us to justify. On the day we went, the flights were all cancelled because the weather wasn't the right conditions, so as it happens we couldn't have flown anyway. 


Jessica, with your itinerary I think you might have packed a little too much in. I planned a similarly packed itinerary initially, then ran it by the forum on Tripadvisor and they really recommended I made a few changes. With jet lag and loads of long drives, you could end up tiring yourself out and not seeing much of each place.

I could be wrong of course, and if you're happy travelling about lots then no worries, but I would recommend posting here:


The peeps on there will have some suggestions I'm sure :)

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Jessica228 wrote (see post):

We've finally booked our flights, acommodation and activities, so excited!! This is our itienerary:


Day 1 - Arrive in Christchurch, explore, recover from jet lag. Overnight

Day 2 - Drive to Hanmer Springs, spend the day at the thermal spa and pools, evening drive to Kaikoura

Day 3 - AM Dolphin Encounter, PM Whale Watching, Overnight in Kaikoua

Day 4 - Drive to Nelson, stopping of at Blenheim / Picton for a few hours each. Overnight in Nelson

Day 5 - Explore Abel Tasman National Park. Overight in Nelson

Day 6 - Drive towards Frans Josef stopping at Punakaiki and Hokitika. Overnight in Hokitika

Day 7 - FJ Glacier Heli Hike AM, Quad biking PM, Overnight in Franz Josef

Day 8 - Drive to Wanaka via matheson and Haast pass, overnight in Wanaka

Day 9 - Explore Wanaka area

Day 10 - More Wanaka, drive to Te Anau, Glow worm caves, Overnight.

Day 11 - Day trip to Milford Sound, Overnight in Te Anau

Day 12 - Drive to Manapouri, overnight Doubtful Sound Cruise

Day 13 - Drive to Queesnstown

Day 14 & 15 - Explore Qeenstown

Day 16 - Drive to Mount Cook (maybe drive part way night before), Hooker Valley Track. Overnight in Mt Cook

Day 17 - AM in Mount Cook, PM in Tekapo for Hot Springs & Stargazing. Overnight in Tekapo

Day 18 - Mount Sunday then on to Christchurch

Day 19 - Fly home from CH


What an amazing trip you will have <3

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