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New bride

Hello everyone,

We are from Ireland and are looking to travel to the West Coast on honeymoon in July time.

I have never been and I am open to suggestions. A few places we had in mind are San Fran, Yosemite, VegasSan Diego and maybe LA. We have around 2 weeks. I know there's a lot there but we don't have to go to all those places and as I said open to suggestions.

Does anyone have a similar itinerary?

We are up for plenty of activities as well as lying and chilling out.

Is it easier to book this through a travel agent or just book on ourselves.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as we have never been and want to make it special.




I did 23 days in West Coast America for my honeymoon in July. It was amazing, the trip of a lifetime and 6 months on I still think about it with happiness almost every day!

I have written about it in my report in quite a lot of detail if you want to have a look there. Feel free to PM me after you read it if you have any questions  The link is in my signature.

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