Honeymoon fund as the wedding list - anyone done it?


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We didn't use a company due to the fees. We just asked for donations and set up an account. Some people paid into this, some wrote checks and some gave spending money in dollars. We got about £1000 in the end.

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Hi everyone,

We also didn't like the idea of a traditional wedding list and would rather use it on something worthwhile like our honeymoon. However I felt a little bit uncomfortable just asking for cash, so we have set up an online charity donation page where guests can either choose to donate to either save the children or Marie Curie cancer research. Or kindly give us some money towards our honeymoon. We put all of this information on a gift card that we placed inside the invite!

In the end we booked our honeymoon and will use any money we may get as our spending money. A friend of mine did the same last year and got over £2000.

Just a warning we had an awful experience with Kuoni and got a cheaper deal with Virgin as well as top class service! We are off to Bali for 10 nights...where is everyone else hoping to go on their honeymoon?


We booked the Maldives last week - was initially not wanting to go as i thought i would be bored for 2 weeks, but chosen a larger island with more to do, and excursions - but tranquil at the same time!

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We used www.flyustothemoon.co.uk as it was all free.  Pretty easy to setup and allows you to take bank transfers as well as paypal.

Remember to have a range of prices for gifts.

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We used Birdie List last year for our wedding.  That's an online gifting platform. We could totally adapt our wishlist and our page to our needs. We wanted funding for our honeymoon, but also for home refurbishments. We uploaded our own picture and choose gifts that we wanted in our list. After our list was ready we sent the link to all our guests and friends and even put the link on the invitations.

The good thing was that we could actually split up the honeymoon in items that we were going to do. We wanted the flight, but also some bubbles on the plane, and also wanted to go scubadiving and go on safari. our guests could choose which item they funded and they loved to do it. You can have a look here: https://birdielist.com/

Hope you find the right fit for you!


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Hi Everyone

I am getting married in 2 weeks and I found a site www.myspecialweddinginvite.com


i wanted a website that was ALL in one, a wedding website, mobile app, easy to use, gift fund/wedding fund/ gift list registry, and of course looked fab.

We used it to send out our wedding invitation, we done it via a video which my fiancée, denies, but he loved to do.

They also have a after the wedding feature, so once our wedding is over, we can send all our guests a thank you video and send them pictures from the wedding. Oh and its free.  

This site is definitely recommended, great customer service and they even upgraded my account for free. I was soo happy to use. Nothing is free now a days, especially wedding related. 

They do charge a small fee for the fund part, but to be honest it was worth it

2 more weeks cant wait to the big day. 

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We also used http://flyustothemoon.com found it very good and easy to use. 

We were going to use the kuoni gift list but didn't like how Kuoni keeps hold of your money.

With any honeymoon gift list make sure the money goes straight to you.

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We are using "Wedding Shop" it allows you to do a combination of the usual home ware products and an option to contribute to the honeymoon or excursions.  We originally looked at Prezzola but hey charge you £60 to have a gift list with monetary contributions.

The service from the Wedding Shop has been fantastic! So far I would recommend them 100%.


We're doing this, but haven't decided just how yet so keen to follow this thread! A lot of our younger friends would rather just bring cash but we know that some guests want to feel like they're giving us something in particular, so we're going to use a website with a list of things like "lunch on the beach" or "flight upgrade" or "new swimming shorts" etc - so there are lots of choices at different costs and at the end of the day it's still cash really. 

We were looking at either prezola, I know they charge to set it up but as far as I know they won't take commission on guests' contributions, or the wedding shop as it's totally free. 

Thing is for the wedding shop, can you just have a honeymoon list , or do you have to combine it with other gifts? (We already live together and can't buy a house any time soon) if anyone has an answer feel free to share! 

The other option is going with the travel provider you book with as most will have a gift list service. 

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