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My fiancée and I have been looking at honeymoon ideas for late August next year and seem to be going round in circles. We are finding it hard to decide where to go, despite researching and speaking to travel agents. 

Can anyone recommend a destination they loved  for that time of year? X

Wedding addict

It isn't cheap but myself and fiancé went to the Dominican Republic in September, he proposed there!


It was a little island off the coast of Samana, one hotel on the island, adults only. Absolutely amazing. 



We aren't ones for going to the same place twice, especially if it's expensive but we would book to go back there in a heartbeat. If you can get past the travel time then i'm sure you'll love it x

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Thank you for the recommendation. It looks like a lovely hotel, just looking into flights and prices etc, as might be a little over budget for us. Xxx

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Sounds lovely!

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It depends what you are looking for, but Italy is stunning at any time of year and is only 2-3 hours flight. 

August is the busiest month of the year as it is peak season, however if you choose wisely it is to die for. 

Sardegna has wonderful beaches, Puglia is very up and coming plus Sicily and the surrounding islands are wonderful too. 

Italy is best of you are not looking for a resort type holiday though. 

Best wishes, 

Catherine x


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We are going to Rivera Maya in Mexico and would recommend it as a location though reply depends on your budget? 

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Hi Rose32,

I really struggled recently looking for a good place to have my Honeymoon! We got married in august and really want to go next year! We recently found this blog online, it listed 20 ideas for places to go and after reading through it, we decided we really wanted to go to New Orleans! We never thought of it before but I think it'll suit myself and my husband really well, we don't like these lounging on the beach holidays!! Have a quick read of it, it really helped me :)

Here's the blog link: http://honeymoonheaven.weebly.com/blog/20-of-honeymoon-heavens-favourite-honeymoon-hotspots.html

Congratulations on your wedding!

Lou x


Hiya we got married aboard in June but the whole family was there all the time so wasnt really a honeymoon so we have picked costa rica, it looks amazing going november,  we are doing trips in the raining forest and even taking a trip to nicaragua which will be nice its not expensive as we fort it would be. 


Have you tried SE Asia? Weather tends to be okay around August time. We went to Thailand in July and had a couple rainy days which lasted 10mins then pure sunshine. 



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