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Hi all,

We have been tossing and turning over what to do for our honeymoon for ages and think we might be settling on an idea.

I went into Thomas Cook at lunch and they suggested somewhere in the Mediterranean as the Caribbean will be in hurricane season (Early October).

Have been thinking about Thailand on an off for a while and after a look at the brochure, I have a draft intinery put together.

Bangkok - 2 nights at Landmark Bangkok

Ko Samui - 4 nights at Pavilion Samui Villa and Resort

Elephant Hills Tour - 2 nights at Khao Sok in Jungle Camp

Phuket - 4 nights at Avista Phuket Resort and Spa

I am looking for some suggestions of what we can do at each spot. Also has anyone stayed these hotels or can recommend others in the same area?



Hi, I stayed at the Avista in Phuket two years ago for 7 days after 4 days in Bangkok and we loved it! It is up a very steep hill and right at the end of the resort but down the bottom of the hill there are lots of bars and restaurants and it is close to the beach. It is a lovely hotel and Thailand is amazing! I would recommend the Phang Nga Bay canoeing excursion from Phuket. 



Good choice! We have decided to go to Thailand as well!

we are doing 3 nights in Bangkok, 5 nights in Krabi and 6 nights in koh Lak.

you will have lots of choice in bangkok with temples and river tours.

you can do lots of trips from Phuket to some of the islands like phi phi etc. also lots of watersports if thats if interest. 

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Thailand honeymoon is a wonderful idea! We spent ours in Koh Samui. It was the sweetest and the most romantic period in our lives. We lived in the private pool villa (Waimarie) that is a real gem! We opted for it by recommendations of our family friends, who also advised us to book it via http://yourkohsamuivillas.com/ . 

A must-to-do/to-see list

- Big Budda. It is especially impressing at sunset. 

Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks. It is something unbelievable and unforgettable.

Ang Thong National Marine Park. It`s a home to a rich variety of exotic wildlife and sea creatures.

 Na Muang waterfalls are really mesmerizing.

- Samui Aquarium with Tiger Show.

Secret Buddha Garden.

Anyway, have a good time!


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Thailand is my fave place ever! Are u going in October? It is wet season then too. Can rain quite a bit But still warm.

We went for 4 weeks over Christmas and new year in 2010 and had few days in Bangkok then went to Krabi which is nice with lots of boat trips to the islands Koh phi phi is really nice Which can be done from Phuket too like Sara says, the bay is a good trip. We stayed in Koh tao for a while which is a small diving island but we didn't dive but the atmosphere on the island was lovely. We also had a few nights on Koh Samui which is a bigger island but still has nice areas too! Think you'll love it! Food is amazing and most people are friendly too! Have a look at the lonely planet book 'Thailands islands and beaches' worth a read. 

Have fun planning! X

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I think your breakup of the different places is nearly perfect.My husband and I did 12 days altogether.

We started off with 2 nights in bangkok where we got all the shopping and street food done. Chinatown night street food is delicious with so much variety of food to choose from.

Then we flew to krabi and spent a night there in and around ao nang. We then took a long tail boat to railay, an absolutely blissful place. We got to witness the sunrise from the floating dock and that was really something.

After 4 nights in railay, we went back to Krabi and stayed there for 2 nights and got a few massages and enjoyed the renown "boat noodles".

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We're going for our honeymoon end of July,doing 3 nights in Chang Mai,7 nights in. koh Samui and then the last 3 nights in Bangkok...if anyone has any ideas for Chang Mai that'd be great!


I am also a Thailand honeymoon-er! We are going to Koh Samui for 2 weeks in July. I feel as though I jumped the gun rather and just booked one place when we could have had a bit more variety though 

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I'm also going to Thailand in June for my honeymoon! Cannot wait. We're doing 3 nights in Bangkok, 5 in Krabi, 3 in Kuala Lumpur and then back to Bangkok for 2 nights. We wanted a mix of beach/relaxation and sightseeing, so hopefully we've got the perfect balance. There looks like there's so much to do!

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Phuket is a beautiful honeymoon destination! My hubby and I were on our honeymoon there. We stayed at a super fashanable condominium (you can look here - http://phuket9.com/phuket-property-for-sale/vip-kata-condominium ). We`ve never had a better rest! Now my dear hubby has a bee in the bonnet to invest money in one of these condominiums.


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