13/05/2009 at 03:34
Our 1st wedding anniversary is 3 wks this sunday (7th June) and its paper. I am struggling to find something to get my husband. I cant spend too much as we are due to have our 1st child on 20th May so money will be a little stretched, I dont know what to get - any ideas ladies?
13/05/2009 at 03:41

You could write him lovely letter (on paper) to tell him how much he means to you. As a joke last year my friend wrapped up a roll of toilet paper for her first anniversary. Good luck and enjoy.
16/05/2009 at 13:58
came on to post exactly the same topic!!! too start i was thinking of doing a cheesy card from moonpig say and add a photo from our wedding, and then the only thing i can think of is a gift voucher for a microlight flight or something, not too romantic though, its really hard to think of a gift. Our is on 19th so better get thinking!
need suggestionssss
17/05/2009 at 17:20
I'll need to get my thinking cap on too. Ours is the 21st, 7 weeks today.
22/05/2009 at 23:40
You are correct, classically the first gift should be paper.

Have you thought about making a "scrap book" of sorts for your husband? Fill it with memories of you two, photos, wishes, etc.

I've made one in the past, and for times when we wanted our family to contribute we've used a site like CelebrateAHero.com, as it allows you to invite friends and family to work on it with you. You can just download and print the book for free afterward.

You could also make a card, and write in what he means to you. I've received those before and it was very heartwarming.

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26/05/2009 at 07:32

Hey what about personalized tee shirt, beer mug or item like cuff links or give him the collection of movies.


Bridal Shower Favors
30/05/2009 at 05:31
I have been thinking about this recently too - our anniversary is 28th June so about four weeks or so now.

We both thought we would buy something "paper" for each other but we had a little talk the other day and both realised there is nothing paper we want! So I think we're ditching the traditional idea and just getting each other gifts every year we know the other person will want/appreciate.

I am easy for him - I have a charm bracelet which I have been collecting charms on since I was about 14. My grandad (who is now passed away) gave me my first charm and I used some money I inherited when he died to buy the bracelet and I've been collecting them ever since. It's full to the brim now but I can still squeeze plenty more on! I have charms on it from everyone who means anything to me, personal ones like the capricorn sign and ones from everywhere in the world we visit. Hubby and I have decided that we are going to try and book our summer holiday every year so that we are away on our anniversary so from now on he can just always buy me a charm every year from wherever we're on holiday that year. It's easy for him - he has his gift for me sorted every year and never has to think!

Not so simple for me though - hubby doesn't wear much jewellery (just a TAG watch I bought him a few years ago and his wedding ring) so can't get him that. He doesn't like spending money on himself so getting him vouchers or giving him money is a waste. He has plenty of clothes - more than he needs and wears - and he isn't really into mod cons or gadgets - he has a good phone, a PS3 and doesn't really want/need anything else like that.

I have got him a Moonpig card as someone said on here - it has three of our fave photos from our wedding on and a lovely poem inside about first year of marriage but I have no idea what to get him to go with it - can't just get him a card! Also he keeps making hints and jokes about getting me a "third ring" (he keeps singing Beyonces song except he sings "I liked it so I put two rings on it.... I might put a third on it!" so I also think he might actually get me an eternity ring as well although he has said in the past he'd get that on a milestone anniversary. I'm hopoing so because right now I don't even have one gift for him!

I was going to write him a poem but I done that for our wedding and put it inside his wedding card so no point doing it again!

So right now, with four weeks to go til we fly off on hols I have no idea what to get him.

31/05/2009 at 14:53
Hi Girls. Its my 1st Anniversary tomorrow and I have gone along the paper theme and bought my hubby a personalised desk calendar which starts tomorrow and goes til 31st May next year. I have personalised it with photos and memorable dates plus some cheeky hints like 1st December start looking for my Xmas pressies (as he always leaves it til last minute then flaps!!)

He says he has got me something he knows I'll need a box of tissues to go with it.....mind boggles. Very ingrigued as he admits himself that normally he struggles for ideas.

Happy 1st Anniversary to everyone. Helen xxxxxxx
24/09/2012 at 11:36

mine is in a couple of weeks. i got my husband a magazine subscription, printed and framed our wedding vowes, a book that he wanted and a new camera. i know that a camera is not paper, but photos are. hope this helps. ;0)

15/10/2012 at 13:10

what about planting a tree, re write your vows to each other, say them over again, put the vows and some other keep sakes in a time capsule and bury the capsule in the roots of the tree. in ten years time the tree will be big enough for you to have an outdoor renewal of vows ceremony under the branches. the tree will always be a reminder of the roots and foundations of your relationship and will be there as a reminder for generations to come to think of you both.

21/10/2012 at 22:09

My husband got me a really nice little anniversary sundial that sits in the windowsill and makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. He had them add a special date line for our anniversary that the time shadow follows on our special day each year - with something like that in our home maybe he'll never forget our anniversary!

27/11/2012 at 05:50
27/11/2012 at 07:50

What about tickets to something? Doesn't have to be expensive - could even be a train ticket somewhere for a day out xxx





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26/12/2012 at 09:05

My first wedding anniversary is next month on the 20th! Not sure what to get we don't have much money...

01/01/2013 at 21:42
01/01/2013 at 21:50
I know someone who bought a world map (made of paper) and drew lines on to mark all the flights they had taken together, mostly UK to places but one or two others where they did multi Center trips. Each line had the destination and number of miles written on. It's still hanging on their wall, and you could add to it over the years.

A paper rose (you can buy lovely ones made out of old books) or similar

A picture or print

A paper chase with all the clues leading to a nice gift or just a treat like a picnic.

A voucher for a nice treat, a meal or a weekend away or whatever (for Christmas i got a voucher for a weekend anywhere in the uk whenever I want)

I'll see what else I can think of!
22/01/2013 at 08:30

You can really cut the costs by cutting down the guest list. This will not only save because you don’t as big a place and you don’t need as much food either so it really does help. The DJ is another good point as if he has a good play list then it won’t matter too much as anyone can press play on a song so why pay extra. Thanks for sharing.


Man and van Bristol
24/01/2013 at 09:04

I have a great idea for invitations. A friend of mine sent out a message in a bottle for her beach wedding. She got the bottles at michaels crafts store, put only one by half inches of sand, and the message aka wedding invite. Thanks.


Cancun wedding packages
25/01/2013 at 07:17

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01/02/2013 at 09:37

Go to one of the sandals resorts and book a honeymoon stay, everything is all inclusive even gratuity. When you book a stay you can have the wedding package added in and depending on how long you stay it may be free. They do that just browse their site they have many different locations, and they take care of all the planning. Thanks.


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