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Kate Hughes - Make Up Artist Trial Friday


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Wedding addict

I've got my hair and make up wedding trial this week.

I have booked it with Kate Hughes and she is charging me £300 for my hair and make up to be done on the day.

She is professional and has done lots of stars. I am still really nervous though and hoping I've done the right thing by choosing her. Its so hard knowing.

The Trial is costing me £100. And on the day she is charging £100 for everyone other then me to have their hair and make up done.

Do you think this is reasonable?

Also has anyone else booked with Kate Hughes?

Many thanks. Loo Loo.

Wedding addict

Hi Loo Loo - I think she looks AMAZING and if you can afford her, then go for it! If my trial doesn't work out, I might well join you. What a clientelle!!!

Wedding addict

Ahh Thanks Bride 393.

Its so hard to know, as I've never had my make up done or had to book a make up artist, so its all trial and error. Which I think is why I'm so nervous.

I think its not a bad price considering her clientelle and that its for both hair and make up on the day.

I wish I could do my own make up as it would save so much money, but I am rubbish at applying it and have bad skin so I want to look my best on the day, especially with everyone looking and all the photos that will be taken.

Who is your trial with and how much is yours costing if you don't mind me asking?

Trial's on Friday, so I will let you know how it goes, just incase your trial doesn't work out.

Fingers crossed. Thanks. Loo Loo.

Wedding addict

I'm going with Blush make-up and their partnership hairdresser Taylor Taylor. The whole thing for myself and five bridesmaids, plus mothers of the bride and groom is costing £750 or around that mark. I had my make-up done for one of my best friend's weddings (I was a bridesmaid) and it changed my opinion completely. To be able to relax on the day and be totally pampered makes much a difference to the whole experience, and I think on your wedding day, everything should be as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. I definitely recommend it!

New bride

Hi Loo Loo

Just wandering how you got on with Kate Hughes? I've booked her for my wedding on the 2nd June so haven't got round to doing my trial yet. I'm in agreement with you... she's not cheap and even though I found better deals she seemed to be really switched on and understood the look i'm going for. I am quite into my make-up so wanted somebody who would do more than the standard natural look (such as -beige or cream eyeshadow!!!!!)

Hope it worked out well for you. If not, I do have a recommended back-up.



Wedding addict

Hi Shaconnors.

So sorry its taken me so long to reply. Make up trial with Kate Hughes didn't go as well as I thought it would. She kept changing the date and the time of my trial. Was originally supposed to be at the beginning of December on the day of my Xmas Party, but she said she called to cancel 2 days before saying she couldn't do my actual trial but as a favour would do my make up for the party for free and then arrange my wedding trial for another time. At the trial (which she again postponed an hour later on the day), she only spent about 45 mins on me and only did the front section (not even half) of my hair for my hairstyle. She also didn't do my base/foundation, just said that what I had done was good enough and that she had already done my base on the night of my Xmas Party!! She did quite a smoky dark look for my bridal trial, which looked OK, but I think it was a bit too much for a bridal look. She took a photo and emailed it to me, and I looked OK but the photo was only from the side as she had only done the front section of my hair, so it was hard to tell.

I made the mistake of not taking anyone with me, so I didn't have someone there to give their opinion, and it wasn't until I walked away and started speaking to people that I realised that for £100 I didn't have a very good trial (should have done my whole look to show me how I would look on the actual day) and it left me with doubts.

I haven't ruled out having Kate Hughes doing my make up and hair, but I am going to look around just to see if I can compare. The things that put me off is that she seems to be unreliable, she didn't spend enough time with me and didn't do the full make up and hair.

It is partly my fault for not saying anything at the time, so please don't let me put you off, as I don't think she is bad and you might really like her and the work she does, but I am going to try and have another trial with someone else, just to have a comparison.

You said you have a recommended back up, would you mind letting me know who you have in mind, as I am desperatley trying to find another person to have a trial with. My wedding is in July this year in Kent, Near Dartford. I am really nervous at having another trial with someone now, especially at the money I have already spent.

Sorry for the long email!!!!! I'm finding this the most stressful part of the planning.


Hi Loo Loo

Just thought I would say that if you're not happy with what Kate did I would definitely say something to her. You've paid good money for her not to have even given you a proper trial, regardless of the fact that she did your make up for your xmas party. I had my trial a few weeks ago and the lady did about 5 different looks and told me that if I still wasn't happy then we could change it again. I didn't have to pay her anything!!!!! I go back for another trial in July when she will take pictures and then she'll do my make up on the day - all for £80.

I think you should look around and see if maybe there is somebody else locally as it sounds like she's charging a lot of money just because of her clientele and not giving a very good service!!

Good luck finding someone (sorry I'm in Surrey otherwise I'd recommend my lady). Have a look in the make up forum you may find some recommedations in there.

Claire x


Hi I have booked with one of Daniel Sandlers artists in Wiltshire www.sarahbmakeup.co.uk and she is charging me £120 for trial an dmake up on the day. I thought this was a lot but apparently not!!

Go for whomever you are comfy with and get the star treatment you deserve!! I owuld def say something to Kate as that kind of money demands star service whether or not you are a celeb!! Sarah has been a star and responded to my enquiry for date availablility from America where she was on holiday and contact with her has been amazing. Check otu www.danielsandler.co.uk and see whpo is in your area!!

New bride

Hi all

I used Kate Hughes myself last year both for my wedding hair and make up. My friend is intending to use her but was a little concerned to see these comments until I reassured her after my experience with Kate.

I have to say that my makeup and hair on the day were fantastic and I recieved many comments on how beautiful I looked. I felt fantastic knowing I was in the hands of one of the best in the trade.

I found Kate to be an absolute professional with a lovely personality that really put me at ease on my big day. She was on time both at my trial and wedding day, kept good communication and her work was brilliant.

I would not hesitate in recommending Kate. Perhaps your experience was a one off ShaConnors? I can only say good things about her and have recommended her to at least 4 of my friends and colleagues this year, all saying good things so far.

Maybe you should have mentioned your concerns at the time, however sounds like she made amends by giving you the free xmas makeup. Sounds like Kate did try to rectify things. Anyway, hope it all went well in the end.

Fiona x

New bride


I had to write after reading several posts about the Wedding make-up artist Kate Hughes. I got married Nov 2008 and I had kate do my hair and make-up. She was incredible! I got so many comments from people saying how beautiful I looked, and I was actually ill with the flu on the day!! i don't know how kate did it.

She is amazing at what she does, but what impressed me most was her personality. She was the last person I spoke to before my dad walked through the door to take me to church. I couldn't have chosen anyone nicer to spend those final few moments with.

Whoever you choose, I'm sure you will look absolutely stunning. For me though, I know i would have looked like a ad fro Beechams cold anf flu if it wasn't for kate.

Good luck with you trials, and the big day!



Awww Loo loo - that's sad to hear! I'm sure that was a one off - how did your actual wedding go? Did you like your make up on the day.

I had the total opposite...

So excited!!

Had my make up trial today and I am sooooo pleased! I booked a trial with Kate Hughes, http://www.katehughes.com/ after seeing her in some of the bridal magazines and after viewing her website. And have booked her for the actual day too!

I previously had 4 trials ...well...I say trials...technically I've had 4 little sessions in Mac, Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Benefit. But none of the make up girls actually understood what I wanted...and of course...none of them did hair! I wasn't pleased with the colours or the styles of make up they put on me. So I decided to find a professional make up artist.

After checking out her profile and client list...I was expecting a much higher trial price but for about 3 hours of hair and make up + consultation I was v. pleased to pay the trial price.

I showed her a little montage of photographs that I liked...in particular...this one....

and she created the exact look and even tweaked it for my face shape/hair type.

If anyone is thinking of booking her...I would most certainly recommend her for a number of reasons.

a) V. punctual....the trial was at 3pm....she came at EXACTLY 3pm. (I like punctuality!)

b) She spent over an hour with me before even starting the hair and make up, getting to know me, asking me about the whole theme and look etc. She was very knowledgeable, relaxed and really put me at ease.

c) Good quality make up. Nars, Mac, Clinique, Benefit and much much more...she turned up with bags of stuff. 2 big bags for hair and another 2 for make up!

d) She worked with me and when she had finished my look - I wanted to 'tweak bits' and she did this exactly as I wanted.

Not going to add pictures here yet...will have to wait until I have the professional ones on the day....plus I don't want sneaky little hubby 2 be to see me before the big day!!

So if anyone else still needs to book Hair and Make up....I would seriously recommend her!

Only a few more things left to do now!! Eeek!!! Not long!!! xx

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