I got married in November 2013

Getting married 2nd November 2013


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I've booked my wedding for 2nd of November 2013, is there anyone else that has?

Also, I have an issue on ceremony timings ...

I have booked the registrar for my venue (all in one place) for 1.30pm but the other option is 3.00pm. Whats the best time for a winter wedding as I'm worried about it being too dark for photos at 3pm but I'm conscious of people waiting around too long if we do it at 1.20pm.

Help me! This is difficult x

New bride

Hi Keeley4684,

Congratulations ! I am getting married on 1st November this year at 3pm. I figured that the sun doesn't until about half four in November (well it did last year lol) So I am hoping I'll still have about an hour before it starts to get dusky.

Hope this helps !



If I was you I,d go for the earlier time slot because it,ll be dark at 4 in November and you,ll not get the outdoor picture youd like.
1.30 isnt early I,m getting married at 12 thats early lol.
Dont forget that by the time you,ve had your picture taken and your welcome drink and canapies a wedding breakfast could start anytime from 3.30 to 4.30pm


Thanks for your replies - I don't know what I'd do without this site!

I've stuck with the 1.30 time as I want the day to last as long as possible! x


Hi Keeley,

We are also getting married at 1.30pm on 2nd November next year! I was also worried about the hanging around in between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception, as we're having everything in one place too, but thought the light would be best for photographs at that time and if we have the wedding breakfast to start about 3.30pm that should all work out ok.

New bride

Im getting married 2nd of noember 2013 !! Whoop us!!! xxx and also having a winter wedding, we are getting married in the church at 2pm as ive got 4 bridemaids, mob, moh,fg's and myself to get hair and makeup done and we wouldnt have been ready in time for a earlier wedding :] xxx


Also i live in south west of england down in devon and its normally quite sunny and last year it didnt get dark till around 5/6ish so we should be ok for photos fingers crossed xx

.x.X.x.Loves Lexi-leigh & Mike Streeter.x.X.x.


Snap to the date!

We're getting married in church at 12.30pm.

We'll arrive at the reception venue around 2pm and then have the wedding breakfast around 3.30pm.

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