15/02/2008 at 07:22
I've been out recently with my Mum looking for her MOB outfit. Everything we have seen has been priced at £600-£700. Is that the usual amount spent on MOB outfit? Or have we just been looking in really expensive places? :\?
15/02/2008 at 07:29
Hi Nikki

My mom is going to spent around £350 - £450 I think. She has been looking in Jacques Verte if that's any use to find something a bit cheaper?

15/02/2008 at 08:42
There is a shop in Market Bosworth called Familytique. I phoned them up and they said they stock MOTB from £200-£1000 so I guess £600 is about average? I think though you should get something for £300-£500.
16/02/2008 at 16:07
My mum's outfit cost £750, then she got her hat (£200)........ oh and her shoes (£85)..................oh and her jewellery too (not sure how much that was!!)
I dont think it matters how much your mum spends on her outfit, as long as she's happy with what she's wearing.
16/02/2008 at 16:12
Hi Nikki,

Yep, my mum too! She called me last week when she was out shopping saying she'd found an outfit she loved (she was waiting for one of Jacques Vert's new outfits to come into the shops but obviously got fed up waiting!) so she got her friend to text me photos of her in it - it was lovely and she's really happy with it. However, when I called her when she got home to ask how much she'd spent she told me she hadn't got much change out of £700! I nearly died! She even told me about another 'evening' outfit that she'd found and was thinking about getting changed after dinner lol! I soon talked her out of that!
17/02/2008 at 05:49
My mum is quite unconventional, and really didn't want to look like your typical MOB. She wears really brave stuff for events anyway, and she gets away with it! She's shown me her outfit, costing 60 euros!!! It's actually a bridal outfit for an asian wedding made in france (which is where she lives now) and is made to measure. My aunt did something similar for her sons wedding (not MOB, but close!) went for something unusual (loose white catsuit!!!) and looked really good. I don't see the point in spending hundreds on an outfit you wont wear again, in fact even my bridal outfit is being made by my mum and will be something I can alter after the wedding and wear again.
22/02/2008 at 08:28
Yeah me and my mum didn't realize until we started looking that her outfit is probably going to cost the same (if not more) than my dress.

The shops really catch you out, because if you shop in any of the high street shops for the MOB outfit, you run the risk of a guest at the wedding wearing the same things, or everyone knowing that you only got it in the high street.

Also, my mum is a size 18 and quite trendy and she's finding it so difficult to find an outfit because the shops stock mostly smaller sizes and they only have larger sizes in really old-fashioned styles.

We went to one shop and the woman working there told my mum that if she wanted to wear something really nice, she'll have to lose quite a lot of weight! How rude is that! I felt so sorry for my mum.
22/02/2008 at 08:34
my mum has the same problem NikkiG-i hate the fact that boutique places that have really nice outfits have XXL as a 14!

i hope you and your mum don't go back to that shop!
22/02/2008 at 13:16
we managed to find a outfit from a little boutique in Dunstable especially for motb, prices ranged from £150 - £1,000, plus i did not want my mum spending that much on an outfit, she manged to get her outfit for £200 which is fab, bearing in mind she has already brought loads 10 in fact and had to get refunds, as she kept changing her mind, this shop will not allow refunds - I love the dress it is really lovley x
22/02/2008 at 18:17
My Mum was looking in Jacques Vert too, but couldn't find anything in the end. She was hoping to find something in their new collection but they didn't have anything in the colour we wanted.

She got all upset, saying she wasw fat etc, so I did a bit of research on the internet. There is a shop 'Mary's of Enfieild'. in Hoddesdon that specialises in Mother of the Bride outfits - ended up spending £850 (dress and fascinator).. but at least she came out smiling!!
23/02/2008 at 08:16
hi there- could not believe the prices of motb outfits- it is ridculous! My mum bought a Presen outfit in the sale which, including hat hire came to £350- The original price of the outfit alone was about £500. H2B's mum got her outfit from jacques vert excluding hat, shoes and bag it was about £200 so she too will probably be spending about £350 all together.

To be honest my mum looks amazing in her outfit and felt really elegant- in my eyes seeing mum happy like that is worth any price tag! xxx
24/02/2008 at 06:26
Hi girls,

My mum was having the same problem. She's quite trendy and felt that the
outfits in the mob shops were a bit old fashioned and the outfits that she liked on the high street were not quite suitable for a wedding or were too young. Anyway she found a picture of a dress and jacket that she liked in a magazine (didn't like the price though!) and we took it to my wedding shop as they're making my bridesmaids dresses and we asked if they'd make hers and they said yes. Yippee !!

It's only costing £190 for the dress and jacket and a shrug for the evening.
(Mum has a tattoo at the top of her arm which she doesn't want on show).
Mum's a bit less stressed but we do have the problem of shoes. She doesn't do pretty ladylike shoes. She's normaly in Cat boots or trainers!!
And then there's her hat. She doesn't do hat's or feathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well. One down, two to go
24/02/2008 at 11:46
Stressy my mum got her outfit in marys of enfield too!!

She tried on loads and ended up choosing a 3 piece Condici, we almost died when the sales assistant told us the price... £725!! Mum never spends money on herself so she bought it and I'm buying her shoes and handbag. Have bought her jewellery for her birthday so shes all sorted. I still cant get over the price though as I bought my wedding dress in a sale and that was £650 so her outfit has ended up costing more!!

28/02/2008 at 08:30
Blimey! I'm going shopping with my Mum to Bluewater this weekend to look for her outfit. I think I'd better prepare her for the cost involved. Its her birthday just after the wedding so I can always buy her jewellery as a present. I just want her to feel gorgeous in whatever she wears no matter how much it costs.
28/02/2008 at 13:00
Hi Maddylou

Can you please let me know if there's plenty of 'summer' MoB/MoG outfits at Bluewater when you go? I want to take Mil2b there soon but don't want a wasted trip if the new stocks aren't out yet! Thanks
29/02/2008 at 05:43
We went for the first time last week and were totally unimpressed. As you say MrsT2B, everything is still very wintery looking, my mum wants a nice bright summery dress. And the prices were extortionate. Plus it didn't help that the sales assistant were saying "Thats gorgeous on you" with things that were clearly, ill fitting and horrendous looking.
My mum has £200 max to spend and I'm hoping to add £100, so £300 in total but that would need to be shoes, bag, fascinator included... eeekkk! And again we are worried if she gets something from the high street chains another guest will wear it... Bad times
29/02/2008 at 18:44
My mum likes this dress £275 from venus same designer as my dress

dhttp://www.venusbridal.com/images/special_oc/RE48f.jpg hope link works
05/03/2008 at 09:13
My mum just bought a beautiful cream dress and matching short jacket with gold embroidery from a boutique near us, it came to £305, she is hiring the hat which is £55 and she needs to get bag and shoes so will prob be another £100-150 for those, and then she needs to get jewellrey and underwear so altogether she will be spending about £500, which i think is quite reasonable. x

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05/03/2008 at 14:46
We are getting married in Cyprus so my mum has gone for a lovely long dress from house of fraser which cost £150. Her hat was bought in M&S and cost £35. She is still looking for shoes. Cant wait to tell her how much money we have saved her getting married abroad. My dress only cost £800, i thought that was a lot.
05/03/2008 at 15:30
I found that motb outfits were pricey and most really old fashioned , my mom got quite disheartened until she found a dress & jacket in Laura Ashley for about £ 180.00 and she can wear it again.