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I have no idea what time the food was ready but belive it was bang on schedule, our friend had done an amzing job with the BBQ and everyone seemed to enjoy it, I had managed some pasta but really wasn't hungry.

We didn't have a seating plan and it was lovely to see people sat everywere on the hay bales which with cushions and fleeces worked out very well. The day was going so smoothly I was actually in shock surely something was going to happen, it's a wedding shouldn't something not turn up, or a family argument but nothing came. We knew we had made the right choice not working with supliers or catering companys.

Seating area on the veranda, not sure what my Nana's doing, possibly demonstrating her tractor driving skills

My auntie sat on the hay bale seating.

Not sure if you can just about see it in this photo but I bought an ornate mirror frame, painted it purple and painted chalk paint on the background.
On it read

Dan & Gems Wedding day

12 noon - ceremony
1.30pm - ice cream
3.30pm - BBQ
5.30pm - Speeches
7.00pm - live band
9.30pm until late - disco

This was when our guests realised we were having a live band and the questions started coming but we kept quite and told them to wait and see, I was so happy we had kept this as a suprise as far as our guests knew we were just having an ipod disco.


So the sun was shining and while people were busy tucking into desserts of home made choccy brownies, raspberry brulee cheesecake, pink fondant cupcakes and fresh from the farm strawberries and cream us girlies headed for the bouncy castle, we kicked the kids off who all sat on the grass in amazment watching the silly girls in dresses bouncing around.

Then the guys got there go, slightly less graceful then us girls at times though


loving this its amazing xxx MORE PLEASE!!!!


aaaah this all looks lovely, glad it all came together for you, it looks like all the time and effort was worth it xxxx


This is such a good report!!! im loving reading it. xx

New bride

I adore your photographs and report! You have picked up so many DIY ideas which are similar to mine I feel like I can draw so much inspiration from this it is all gorgeous! I wondered if you'd mind sending me a private message in regard to your photographer? xxx


I'm amazed at your beautiful wedding and your tiny budget. Rock n Roll bride's bound to snap you up!


I am so impressed with your beautiful, beautiful wedding. Keep it coming! xxx


Thank you so much for the most lovley replies to this, I really didn't expect anyone to read it. I loved putting our wedding together and super sad it's over, now finding any exscuse to have some sort of party just so I can organise.
Lot's of love x


Ok - I scan read this last night and looked at the pretty photos, then got into bed and couldn't stop thinking about it so got up this morning, made a cuppa and read it properly again. I've only ever done that with about 3 reports on here... this is all gorgeous. Why don't you try submitting to Rock My Wedding or suchlike?

This struck a chord with me as my fiance and I are also getting married on our 10th anniversary next year, but on 13th August!!! Really, really hope we don't have this year's weather!!. I loved the bit you put "The vicar pronounced us husband and wife and we kissed, the noise in the church was so loud, clapping and whistling it was almost defening and we both realised that not only had we been waiting ten years for this day, so had our friends and family. If I could bottle a moment and keep it forever it would of been this one." - Beautiful!

Just wanted to say it is so beautiful again. Made me well up twice and giggle out loud as well. I love all of your ideas, have no idea how you did this all for £3k (bouncy castle, ice cream cart etc - some seriously good haggling skills methinks!). Your photos are beautiful too - what a great photographer. And you look gorgeous and so happy.



Vanillabear - thank you so much for your lovely comment, I've only ever read one full report on here and really didn't think anyone would read this so am very humbled that people are.

There is defenitly something very special about waiting ten years to marry your soulmate, I bet your family and friends cant wait for next year.

I still have no idea how we did it on our budget and don't think anyone else can either but with some creative thinking we pulled it off.

Thank you so much again for your lovely comment, I am going to try and finish this today x x x


So before I get to the speeches, the band, first dance, and some crazy late night dancing I thought I'd go through the nightmare that was our invites.

So I am not a fan of bad stationary at all, I do my best to allways buy the nicest cards, girft bags and wrapping paper, not to mention pretty notebooks and folders.

This wasn't easyand we had two major obstacles...budget and style.
I read early on in the planning that your invites set the tone for the whole day...yikes does it really or is that just another wedding thing someone made up so the bride to be spends a fortune on mass produced pieces of card.

Dan and I looked into tons of options but our budget ment it was going to be another DIY joby, so armed with a stack full of white pocketfolds which were an ebay bargain.
I sketched the bride and groom couple that would go on the front and printed it of to small bits of card which were then stuck onto a polka dot paper wrap around band.

Inside the pocketfold we had our main invitation to the ceremony and then directions, rsvp card and info which had our website address on it.

This took forever and was really not easy, I chose the font because I love the typewritter look, but getting the spacing right was difficult luckily dan saved the day, it took a lot of scrap paer and measuring but we got there in the end.

We spent a couple of days cutting and glueing them all together but it really was worth it and I loved them. We made fifty five all together for under fourty pound so not bad at all and everyone really loved them.


As i said before our favors were a dan and gem wedding mix cd.
I am so glad we did this as we originally hadn't planned for favors at all, our cd's went down amazingly well and a lot of friends and family spent the drive home listening to it their cars.
As we didn't have a specific seating plan we popped them all in a pretty basket next to our guestbook and homemade shortbread hearts.

The outer cases are made from recycled card and were from eco-craft. I made the little tags on the computer in the same paper and natural twine for the bow.


So back to the big day, it's somewere between bbq and speeches, everyones looks like there having a lovely time and the relaxed informalness of it all seems to really suit all our family and friends.

We had about an hour to spare between food and speeches so it was nice to catch up with everyone.
Our guest list had been pretty easy to decide on the church only held eighty five people and we didn't want to invite people to the evening only so we had eighty five for the whole day plus a few extras that got invited along at the last minute.

Were incredibly lucky that we have a really close bunch of family and firends, pretty much everyone knew each other from some time or another and this made the atmosphere really great for everyone and it was a lovely sight to see.

I tried again at this point to eat some more food but i just wasn't hungry neither was best man Adam he was so nervous about his looming speech that he couldn't eat either. i have no idea why he was so nervous he's naturally incredibly funny but it must of just been a big pressure for him.

Some more photos from the afternoon


Dans band looking a lot more dressed up then normal


This report is amazing!

Looks like you had a fantastic day!

Wedding addict

I am absolutley loving this report, congratulations! Your invitations are the best I have seen and remind me of a CD cover for Damien Rice, fantastic x


I want everything in your wedding day!! It was so perfect - i cant believe you created such a fab day on such a teeny budget! - everything, literally everything looked amazing!! Congratulations to you both - you're clearly PERFECT for each other! xx


Congratulations what an amazing report . I was going to start mine tonight but thin i wil leave it a while . My hubby and I wanted to marry last year on our ten years anniversary ..we met in 1999 but married this year after 11 years together. Our anniversary is on august 13th we meet friday 13th too but our friends already stole 14th august for thier wedding so we married in July. It is so amazing getting married and I remember thinking ...why did we wait so long ..this is the best feeling in the world ...but then 'good thinsg come to those who wait.

we wanted outdorr styel wedding but we wdere unlucky ..or maybe lucky with the weather . It rained and I hate that eevryone says how amazing the day was ..shame about the weather. Wish people wouldn't worry about weather but guess does make thinsg easier .

But anyway well done for having a fab wedding on a budget it can be done and you ve proved it


oh and you 'll look amazing too the whole day does