Sexy wedding night lingerie


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Waste of time or an essential? If essential - any ideas of something to wow??



Although we did seal the deal so to speak on our wedding night I was far to shattered to worry about changing into something nice. I did have some nice undies with me but by the time my hubby had gotten me out of my dress (not sexy btw him seeing me in my big pants and underskirt), me taking my hair our (again not pretty) and having a shower (wedding dresses are very hot) I couldn't have been bothered. That being said it was still very romantic and lovely. For me it wasn't a slutty underwear moment more a loving, caring one (if that make sense). By all means get some on standby that way you can decide on the night. If you are to shattered you have a long time after to wear it!!!


I agree with ElvisBride, by the time you get out of your dress and take all the clips out of your hair, changing into sexy lingerie will be the last thing on your mind! But can't do any harm to have some just in case.

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