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I am getting married in Australia and i am finding organising flowers a real nightmare as it is sooo hard to chose when i can not actually see it myself. My Aussie florist has suggested Julia's rose which is a coffee colour (as my theme is coffee/cream and brown). SHe said to find a florist here that stocks it so i can match the colour, i can only find bushes which i will probably kill before they flower (as i am not known for my gardening skills. Does anyone know of a mailorder service or a florist in essex where i can see a sample??


have you tried doing a Google image search to see some piccies of them?


Hi bride2b - definitely take Cheryl's advice and do a google - I was looking for creamy-coloured roses for my bouquet and found pics of Julia's rose by googling 'coffee rose' or something like that. I hadn't heard of it before and was delighted to find it.

Here's one link that I found:

Good luck!


My brother just got married in Oz and his wife carried a beautiful Protea. Since you are getting married somewhere exotic then go for exotic flowers!

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