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New bride

Does anyone know of any poems for our gift list?
We have booked the gift list with John Lewis' but would also like some cash for out honeymoon. So i am after a poem that would fit them both in.

Wedding addict

Here are two

We have our dishes and towels for two,
Pot and pans, and a toaster too.
Knives and forks and spoons galore,
There isn't much room for anything more!
So if for our wedding you'd like to bring us a gift,
A cheque or cash would give us a lift.
Perhaps you could help towards our honeymoon spends
Or where our home is in need of a mend.
Please don't be offended at this type of request,
As our day will be complete having you as our guest.

We already live together so we wanted dollars for our honeymoon, I found this and amended it slightly:
I know it's not traditional
It's not the way it's done
But instead of a wedding list
We'd like abit of sun
Please do not think of us as rude
Please do not take offence
We do not want to upset you
That's not the way it's meant.
We've lived together quite a while
And all the bills are paid
We've got our plates, our pots and pans
Our plans have all been made.
So if you'd like to give a gift
To help us celebrate
Some dollars for our honeymoon
We would appreciate.


We were going to have a poem but decided to be to the point instead. We figured that there was no point beating around the bush and just wanted people to know where we stood. It's short and sweet; here's what we put:

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