26/04/2006 at 07:11
Does everyone send save the date cards these day and if so when should you send them and how long before the wedding should you send invitations?? My weddings really small so most people know the date but am dying to send my invites (my wedding is 7th Oct)
26/04/2006 at 07:24
Hi Claire - I didn't send save the date cards, but put reminders in everyone's Christmas cards instead (thought that would kill two birds with one stone!) My wedding is in October too (21st) and I'm sending out invitations probably in late June. A lot of the magazines say to send them out six to eight weeks before, but to be honest I think that's rather late. We will have guests coming from all over the country and outside the UK and these days people lead such busy lives that dates get booked up so far in advance. I think a few months in advance is fine, especially if you need to give people details of accommodation and transport that they'll need to book. Hope that helps.
26/04/2006 at 07:48
I didn't send save the date but then our engagement will be just over 5 months when we get married so didn't have time!
We also sent the invites slightly early start Feb for June wedding as it's a weekday and during the start of the summer holiday season so wanted to organise people's minds before they booked holidays!
26/04/2006 at 07:54
We sent ours out in April for July 29th Wedding - used save the date cards too as busy time of year for lots of people.
26/04/2006 at 08:01
Hi Claire

We're getting married in June this year and we sent out our Save the date cards last october so everyone could put the date in their very busy diaries, and we have just finally finished sending out the invites, sent main invites about 8 weeks before and the evening 6 weeks before.
26/04/2006 at 08:18
mine go out this week... am so excited. 10 weeks before the day, we get married july 8th...I would have liked them to go out a while ago, but H2B wanted to send them 6 weeks before so 10 weeks was a good compromise.
26/04/2006 at 11:15
I sent save the date cards out in Christmas Cards last year and plan to send invitations out mid August (12 weeks before day) with a 6 week RSVP date leaving us another 6 weeks from then till wedding for any changes/updates etc so that we have as final a list as we can possibly have 4 weeks before the day for hotel caterers etc.
26/04/2006 at 11:55
We got married 8th April and we didn't do save the date cards cos like you most people who were invited knew, but we sent our cards in Jan - we would have snet them december but didn't want them muddled with Christmas post! YOu can't be TOO early!
26/04/2006 at 12:06
we get married on 21st july next year & my fiance's a graphics designer so we designed fab save the day cards & sent them out a month ago. our wedding list will be with heal's & john lewis & the latter update stock in feb so we'll send out invites in feb for the july. xx
26/04/2006 at 12:25
my wedding is 20th May and i sent out the invites in january! it was a bit early but got so many people coming from round the country i wanted to make sure that people wernt booking holidays etc! x
27/04/2006 at 10:47
That Christmas card idea is brilliant. Will definately be doing that! Getting married next August and plan to send out invites Feb / March. So what if its earlier than what the magazines say! August is holiday time don't want people booking holidays and not being able to come. Plus some people never reply on time. We will have a back up list of guests for the breakfast by sending invites early they will never know they were 'bumped' up the list.
26/02/2007 at 03:42
We're getting married July 6th (Friday) and i am thinking about sending my invites out soon, anyone have any ideas on when exactly, most will be hande delivered but about 40 will need to go in the post. Let me know :\)
26/02/2007 at 04:28
I'm getting married in October too (27th) We are sending our out in the next few weeks people have been asking about them. Everyone is so busy these days that I think two or three months notice is a bit short. Especially as it will be half term week when I get married and I don't want people not coming as they have already booked to do something else!
26/02/2007 at 09:33
I think it depends on the time of year of your wedding. If its the summer / half term etc and people are likely to book holidays etc then i think save the dates are a good idea.

Our wedding is a day before yours - 6th Oct 07. We plan to send our invites at the end of July.

Having said that, we have received our first Evening Invitation last week... for 1st September 07 I thought this was far too early, but hey, guess what I can't make it as I'm on my hen do, so you never know...
26/02/2007 at 09:39
Our wedding is 25th August this year. We sent out save the date cards in Christmas cards, and I really want to send out the invitations now!!!!! But will be good and wait til April I think, so 4 months before. Which may seem a bit far in advance, but its a bank hol weekend, school hols, people go away etc! x
26/02/2007 at 10:38
Our wedding is October 6th, we sent save the date magnets out at Christmas, we plan to send out invites in June.
26/02/2007 at 11:14
I'm sending mine out next week. My wedding is on the 22nd of July.

Sara x
26/02/2007 at 11:20
There are lots of similar questions about Save The Date cards on here, so you'll find it helpful to do a search.
There's no need to send out save the date cards unless a lot of your guests will have to travel and hence book accomodaiton etc. If you are marrying abroad, then you can send them up to a year in advance, if you like, or so I've read!
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