Night before the wedding


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I am staying at a hotel near my venue, about 3 minute drive. My venue has an exclusive full use wedding booked the night before so I can’t stay at the venue.

Like you my parents house would be full and I decided I wanted a relaxed morning getting ready. My Mum and bridesmaids are staying with me. 

Whilst I understand the venues rules, one month before doesn’t leave you much time to find somewhere else if you can’t stay there. 

Wedding addict

I haven’t booked (really need to) but I’m staying at the venue (a hotel) the night before. Not bothered if it’s not the bridal suite, which we’ll be in the night of.

could you book a hotel room some nearby thats refundable? That way you could cancel if a room at your venue becomes available? X


I'm staying in the bridal suite the night before, H2B is staying at home with the 2 boys x

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