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Hi Ladies

With only 61 days to go I'm late in getting my invitations out and really need to get things finalised this week!! I'm making the invitations etc and have hit a stumbling block with the RSVP's.

I've read a few times about people asking their guests if they would select 2 songs that they would like to be included on the song list for the evening reception. I desperately want to do this (and have already let it slip to a few people) but keep getting stuck on the wording.

If anybody else has done this can you please give me some advice on wording etc



Im going to do this too but cant think of the wording, will watch this space!


We did this and just put a line on the RSVP saying:

One song guaranteed to get you on the dancefloor:..............................................

Went down really well with the guests, some of who took ages trying to pick one song! He, he! xxx

Wedding addict

Thanks for the quick reply, I'm hoping it will make the guests feel more involved in the day

Wedding addict

Hi Mrs Tate 2B
I sent an email to all confirmed guests, 6 weeks before the wedding, with the following wording:

"Dear wedding guest
A quick hello and a request...
We invite you to nominate one song for our wedding reception in 6
weeks time.
You can email us with the title and artist of your song, or send us an
mp3 file if you have it.
We will do our best to source your song and include it in the
evening's festivities.
Warning-any particularly dodgy suggestions will be edited!!
Cant wait to receive your nominations and also to see you at the wedding,
lots of love "

It seems to have worked as the requests have been flying in, and lots of debate amongst guests discussing what they will choose!
I think to be honest a lot of people dont properly read the invite/rsvp cards or even if they read about a song request, they might forget about it. We put all sorts of things on the info sheet in the invite which people have totally forgotten!!
Good luck x


We put

Please list two songs that will entice you to the dancefloor:

1. _____________
2. _____________

Wedding addict

we wrote Just for fun to ensure we see you on the dance floor please list you two favourite songs:


This way it was made informal and they didn't have to fill it in unless they wanted to

Can't wait to see the responses

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