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Wedding addict

My fiance has his stag do this weekend.... Its all a big surprise so he knows nothing about where they are going or what they are doing! I haven't been told anything either so hoping he will come back in one piece. Its also his birthday weekend so I think its going to be twice as messy!

I'm planning a chilled out weekend in front of the tv 


Good for you... When's the wedding? Has he got time to grow any hair back? Lol

Wedding addict

Wedding is 21st October so he's got time to recover! 


Signed up on the basis of this thread - in a 'thank god' kind of way! 

We've got non-traditional plans, and I'm a mix of 'hell, it'll all be fine', and 'what the hell have we done'... Getting hitched next year on a Scottish Island a few hours journey away, all dry hire and DIY, so we're kind of having to be a bit organised, but it goes against the grain. Met a photographer last week who was tearing his hair at our 'this will happen then-ish, probably' approach.

Luckily our venue owners, caterer and other suppliers are much more relaxed (eccentric?!) so we'll all muddle through.I have a feeling my OH has the potential to be Groom-zilla though! He mentioned that we need a rehearsal the other day - um, what? That'll totally spoil the fun!


I have not got the 'groomzilla' at all, seems to be the total opposite!


He's more of a stress head in day to day life than me, so I think he's more likely to worry about arrangements.  I've perfected the circular argument so he starts being stressed by something, then after 10 minutes chat becomes convinced that it's me worrying about it and so he has to tell me it's not stressful... 

Mind you, his worries seem to stem from making sure everyone else and their dog are happy, so less groomzilla and more people pleaser!

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