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What are people doing for wedding transport? 
No one will see me arrive as the venue is hosting both the ceremony and reception, and we're only staying about 15 minutes away. 
Has anyone used just a normal taxi? or the "wedding taxis"? are the wedding versions still expensive? I just can't see over £200 on a car being a sensible expenditure but also don't fancy risking the taxi not showing or being grim. 

What have people done/ are planning? 

:) x

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I arrived to my wedding in a normal taxi. It was a 7 seater as it had to transport myself, 2 bridesmaids and my parents. Similar to you, no one was going to see me arriving in it so it seems illogical to pay hundreds for a fancy/classic car! Maybe ask around for recommendations for a good local taxi company so you can have peace of mind that it will turn up on time. And explain its for a wedding when you book so they know prompt timing is a must. 


We took our own cars for my previous nuptials.  No one saw me arrive (I got there before the guests did), no one saw me leave (it was dark, and I was one of the last to leave). Getting my dress into the car was a bit of a push but not enough that I felt like spending hundreds of pounds on hiring a different car.  I think unless you are someone that is really into cars (or you don't own your own), that the car is an expense that's easy to skip.


I didn't bother with the wedding service - I booked with Addison Lee and opted for the executive rather than regular taxis, and they were great, turned up on time but were happy to wait as long as we needed (which turned out to be quite a while as we were running late) and helped calm us all down! Similarly for transporting everyone from the ceremony to reception we just used ordinary taxis and we booked an executive car for ourselves to stop off and take a few photos, rather than the fancy ribbons and chauffeur-with-a-hat-on service they wanted us to take because itw was a wedding. 

Having a reliable firm is important though - I would have preferred a black London cab to a boring people carrier but the booking services are awful and get terrible ratings, and I didn't want to run the risk of any of us having to wait around. 


I am planning on going to our local station- which has a black taxi rank- and asking a few cabbies if they can do a private job.  I refuse to pay £200 for a "proper" wedding car when I can just get a standard black one for around £40! I have even seen a white one on the rank-with no advertising- a few times so am hoping I might find that one when I speak to them.  


I'm having my Dad drive me in his pick up! Myself and my two bridesmaids will be going in the pick up with him (I'll need the space, I have a big skirt), and then will be going with my husband (that feels weird!) in his car, just the two of us, to the reception venue. No one is going to see the cars, so I didn't feel inclined to spend a lot of money on them. Also I know that both vehicles are going to turn up, so I don't have to worry about that! 

I think taxis will work fine, as long as you know they're going to be reliable, as others have said. 

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This is the exact reason why I just used a taxi. My H2B could not understand why I wasn't making more of an effort with a car, but I just couldn't justify spending hundreds of pounds on a glorified taxi. I used a 7 seater but that was mostly to allow my dress to fit in comfortably!


I wish we were taking taxis! Such as waste of money but my mum is desperately excited to go in a wedding car and it includes a bottle of fizz so why not.  Hubby is going in a jurrasic park jeep, again I'd do without but as he's paying for most of the wedding I've let it slide ;-) Saving my battles!

We should get some good pictures though.


Wedding addict

Thanks for the comments :)

two taxi companies I’ve contacted  for their “wedding taxi” ie a bow and wearing black are £100 per car, I’d need two so thats £200 to go round the corner! Not a chance.

will enquire about executive cars though thankyou :) 


Unfortunately that's a case of mention 'wedding' and you're suddenly talking to someone quite different about something you don't even want! I was firm with Addison Lee and just said I needed transport for the wedding, not a wedding service. Stand your ground.


i did'nt want to pay the crazy amount of money for a 10 minute drive, luckily my SIL did this for us as wedding gift. My bridesmaids went in my friends car. Otherwise i would have happily gotten taxis. When i asked people, most of them said they didn;t even see the car as they were already in the church! x

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