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I am looking for a Wedding Folder and trying to narrow down the search - I am doing all my guest lists and todo lists on the PC so I want something pretty flexible - preferably a folder rather than a bound book style so that i can add extra pages.

does anyone have any suggestions?

i was originally going to go with The Dodo Book of the Big Day ( as it has all the right section dividers and lots of spare sheets of paper. Also my Grandpa started Dodo Designs before selling it to the current owners so there's a sentimental thing.

Then I saw The Wedding Bible Planner ( - it is a binder with section dividers and loads of extras like business card holder, perspex pockets, pull out mood board and advice sheets. In comparison the Dodo one is very bare-bones. only downside of Wedding Bible one is that it is quite a bit bigger than the Dodo one (plus £5 more expensive)

So do I go for sentimentality or completeness?:\?

does anyone own either of these? or have their own recommendations?


I don't have any of the things that you mention, however I made my own.

I have an A4 folder that has clear folders in which I put reciepts in for the wedding and any cuttings for ideas. It also has menu, invitation ideas and also the guest list & table plan.

I also have an A5 note book that has notes to do with the wedding. Things that need to be done. I picked this up from the supermarket as it had 5 dividers in it that you can move to the relvant place.

Hope this helps - just remember that you don't need to spend alot of money on this, keep that moeny for something else

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My friend bought me the wedding bible planner for an engagement present! I've only just started planning but I have to say its pretty impressive!

L :\)

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This is my first post and seemed appropriate as I've just started planning my big day
I got both an Engagement Journal & Wedding Journal as a gift. Your not able to add pages but they have pockets and heaps of sections to keep notes in.
I've just been told they came from Oh So Cherished an online company...they may have something your looking for???



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Hi im the saqme as swift2b i bought an A4 folder with dividers from the supermarket and a pretty ribbon bound book from debenhams and both work perfectly i have my secret squirrel thinks in my book and everything else is in the folder i also have envolopes with reciepts etc and you can add as many papers as you like and i get all my advice from magazines like you & your wedding and the web


Hi there

My friend got me a wedding organiser/planner from M&S. It was £8 and wouldnt be without it.


hi ladies - thanks for the advice

i'm still torn but might get the Dodo one as you can download lots of things from the wedding bible website, adapt them and then print them off to stick in my own folder

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im not sure whether to make my own or get a premaid one none of them seem to sort of say this is what is inside to give you an idea


I've got the M&S wedding planner file and I've also got the M&S accordion file that takes A4 sheets. I only have these cos they were a gift. I love stuff like this but to be honest, I'm a terrible hoarder!

I would've done a home-made one actually, like many of you ladies seem to have done. By the way, whats the web address of the wedding bible website? If you can download and copy things, that should be useful!!

Bambagirl x

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