What wedding related thing have you done today?


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Wedding addict

Oh god, the emails are a constant!!

Today's special thing was talking to my hairdresser, who's also a session stylist and makeup artist, and agreed to do my wedding. HURRAH!

My planning thread:

Wedding addict

I spent today finalising decorations and trying to relax because tomorrow I GET MARRIED!

Wedding addict

Congratulations BurgundyBride!

We picked up our rings today. So pretty!

New bride

I got stressed  does that count?! 

as my signature states I’m pretty new to this- this isn’t my first engagement (ssssh don’t tell anyone ) but I’ve been with h2b for 12 years and this is the longest I’ve ever been with anyone I’ve been engaged to so never really been as serious as we are this time..!! 

* Maire*  *99.9% sure I’m a Disney Princess* 

Mrs C to be- Got engaged 02/10/18 after 12 years together.


Received my hair vine today, looks like it’ll do the job and only £8 from eBay.

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