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Inspired by cupcake wedding cakes and the recent issue of Cosmo Bride where a bride had a Mr. Kipling wedding cake I've decided to surprise my H2B with a fondant fancy cake (he's surprising me with the cheese cake!). I've already bought the cake stand and was going to put french fancies on every tier apart from the top tier, and have a regular wedding cake. BUT I've seen giant fondant fancy cakes on Asda Online which look ideal for the top tier. Has anyone seen these in person? I don't drive so won't be going to a supermarket for ages! Anyone know how big they are?


I've seen these and they do look cool! They look like a perfect size for a top tier. Does it not say on the website the size of it? Candy buffet hire and retro sweet favour suppliers


Oh yes, a friend of mine had one for his birthday. I didn't eat any, but it looked brilliant!


I wanted to do that, but we ended up making our own cakes because h2b (as was) dismissed the idea - then changed his mind when it was too late...

anyway - I think it's a faulous idea!


i bought one the other week, and to be honest it wasnt ad good as i expected..
the icing was too think which made it very hard
it was equally hard to cut, because of that, and because the top bit with the cream in just squished and made a mess..
the actual cake was nice, but the jam wasnt, and the cream between the layers and in the top was very granuley, not smooth at all.
i wouldnt have another one, but it did look great when i brought it out!!! lol xx


Thanks o much for your replies!

Eeeek. Doesn't sound that great. But it might look good still!

Any chance you remember how big it is? Side plate size perhaps?

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We bought one of these, with the same idea in mind that you have.....

1. It LOOKS brilliant! It's probably about 20cm square, so not huge but certainly adequate for a top tier

2. It TASTES horrid....! Actually that's unfair, it's quite a nice sponge cake (if a little stodgy, we had the same problem as a previous poster with the squidgy icing) but it isn't *anything* like the real french fancies which really really disappointed me :\(

So - if you didn't serve it, just cut it, and served the normal fancies, it would probably work really well!

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Can I ask where you got the cake stand from please? I can’t find one anywhere

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