Food tasting - what to expect?


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Another stuoid question, thats all I seem to ask lately!

We are having a caterer in to do the food at our wedding, we are not getting married at a hotel, and have organised a food tasting for next week. I don't really know what to expect - will it be little samples of each dish, or a full on meal. Would it be at their kitchens?

Has anyone ever done a tasting with caterers this way before?



I'm wondering about this too, although mine is in a hotel.

Is it just a taster or proper dinners, fingers crossed it's the latter!


Hello Mrs Dee to be I love the pic!!

Usually its small tastes of every dish xx enjoy!


Thanks Butterflybeau!

I guess we can't skip lunch then sparklebride!



I'm getting married in a hotel and they have asked that we choose 2 dishes from each course we like the sound of and then they will make us samples so we can pick our favourite.


I'm off to sample my menu tonight. My hotel has also hasked me to choose two dishes from off the menu so we can choose what we like

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