Help! Can't agree on centrepieces


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H2B and I can't seem to agree on centrepieces and it's driving us crazy. He is adamant he does not want floral centrepieces (but I'm keen to have them dotted around), so we've been thinking of mainly using candles . I think they would look lovely on individual tables, but I'm slightly worried the overall effect would be too simple as a whole, if that makes any sense??

We're having at least 200 guests but keen to keep the feeling 'intimate' as much as possible. Playing up the lighting seems the easiest option. 

What do you creative people think of these alternated around the tables?

Image result for candle centrepiece     Image result for lantern and votives centrepieces  

The guestbook table will have tealights and pictures of us, growing up, travelling etc

Wedding addict

First, the disagreement could be settled if your venue doesn't allow open flames - have you double checked that they do?  You might be surprised how many don't allow for candles.  And to do faux candles for that large of a wedding would be pricey.

If they do allow for them, I agree with you, that just candles - even using a variety of styles - would be a little redundant. I like the second photo above where there are candles plus flowers (and the lantern is a really nice touch, esp because it's slightly different looking than all of the lanterns I've seen used before).

If I were to take a guess, your h2b probably has a very specific look for floral centerpieces that he doesn't like - I doubt he dislikes ALL styles of flowers on a table. Why not pin a bunch of different styles of floral table decor for him and let him tell you what he does and doesn't like? From garlands to wreaths to sprinkles of petals, floral decor on tables has come a long way since the 90's where everything looked alike.

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I love the candles, like Kitty said check about them though as we can't use them for the ceremony but are fine for centrepieces 


We had a mixture of both candles and flowers, the flowers can be as bold or as understated as you'd like but they do add a little something to the arrangement as a whole I think:

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I think the candles are lovely!

How about choosing a few yankie candle tealights that would also give off a gorgeous scent that your guests will notice, making them extra special? They do a lovely 'wedding day' one which we're having on the tables x

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Thank you ladiesl! I’ll definitely check out Yankie candles Helen, good tip. 

I love the vines!! Hope our venue stylist can recreate something like that. Simple but romantic, thanks!

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We are having candles like your first pic (4 glass ones to a table, plus some smaller gold ones dotted around), with a bit of greenery/foliage. Wedding is in 2.5 weeks so I'll take some pics for you (we'll also be selling the glass candle holders after in case you are interested)

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For candles, like people said - will the venue allow real and also, bear in mind that these look fab in pinterest pics but depends what time of year/day/where you are getting married. If it's gonna be broad daylight there'll be no romantic candlelight glow! And someone has to light them all!


I would be surprised if your venue allows candles. Drunk people and fire is not a good mix usually. 

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I must admit myself and the husband had different ideas but given I was arranging most of what I wanted I went with his choice.

needless to say i didnt even notice them on the day so whatever you choose will be lovely but it won’t make/break your day x

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