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New bride

why is it so hard to find a nice wedding reception venue!! 

Why is it so hard to find the decorations to turn a naff place into somewhere nice!! 

Why do venue holders make it so hard to find somewhere?? 


So let me explain about our big day... (or days as it will become apparent) 

We have not told anyone that we are getting married and we plan on the wedding being a surprise! 

For the ceremony, we are having in a hotel, telling the direct family to meet us there as we have paid for a family meal. they turn up, get over the shock, we get married, have afternoon tea, chill, then just do our own thing. 

Then the big 'we got a married thing, yey!' we tell everyone then invite all the other family and friends we have to the reception a few weeks later but we can not find anywhere nice to hold this that is not going to cost the earth. we have looked at: 

Hotels (they want £££ for food and drink etc) 

barns (most are ££££ or not suitable, ie no electric, toilets or running water!)

youth hostels, (mostly too small)

village halls (either too big, too small, too dated, don't allow alcohol or the most perfect one so far is in the middle of nowhere and it will cost £20 just to get a taxi into the town)    

National Trust places (don't have space or too far away) 

I just give up!! 


Help, please. Also because we are not telling anyone i have no one to sound things out to and its frustrating 


Try museums. Many have functions rooms and host events as well :)

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New bride

we live in an odd part of the world (on the edge of the lake district) where there aren't any museums. 


You must be near me then :) I am in Cumbria, How far out can people travel for this? Throughout the lakes there are loads of places that are primarily tourist attractions but also host events, but it may involve people having to make travel arrangements/drive

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New bride

Im in Kendal, most of our friends are coming from Ambleside or from a 30 min radius of Kendal (20 coming from Derby) 


Have a look at these if you havent already :)


Kendal Museum (

Abbot Hall (

Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry (

The Brewery Art Centre (


Some mention event/room hire on their sites, others may do it if you ask :)


                                  My Planning Thread - 'Tis The Season to be Married



Well the most perfect village hall is only a £5 taxi fare for each person if they share?  That's not excessive at all.  Plus some people with have designated drivers anyway.  Just saying xxx

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